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Pastor Paul Scanlon’s Sermon 23, August, 2014 Crisis of Human Flourishing

God makes everyone brilliant at something.

Ps 92:12
There are many Christians who do not flourish in the house of God.
Planted: being rooted in God. We should be rooted  in the the way God thinks.
Flourish: to grow luxuriously.
Human resources are like natural resources: buried deeply and expensive to extract.
We should focus to our strength.
Every single one of us is creative. It isn’t just about art.
How are we intelligent? It is not ‘how intelligent are we?’ it is about ‘in what way are we intelligent?’
There is a world that will exist because we exist.
Inner passion, talent and dream. We need to bring them out.
We shouldn’t define ourselves with what God didn’t make us good at. We should define ourselves with what God made us good at.

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