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Tuition Ministry Teacher’s Day Dinner 8, September, 2014

Also, it was my first time celebrating Teacher’s Day with my very own Tuition Ministry!
Well, I seldom meet them because my class is really separate from their class.
Most of them taught in the main session.
My class is an extended session. So far, I only have two tutees.
Thank God they have been attending the class regularly. Hopefully they will do well in their upcoming exams.

080920149074 080920149064 080920149065

080920149066 080920149067 080920149070

080920149071 080920149072 080920149073

Waaaahhhh, look at all these delicious meals!!!
It was buffet so I could ‘unleash my gluttony’.
In fact, my fellow ministers kept ordering fruit salad and cucumbers.
I guess the waiters were annoyed by us. Hehehhehe!!!
It was my dinner…and my breakfast for the following day!!


Yup, there were 10 of us.
Hopefully I can bump into them again. I should really start remembering their names.


Indeed, I started the whole master-disciple thing as I was inspired by a manga History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi.
But I guess, such approach is not necessary anymore.
So, Sharon, no need to consider me as a teacher. You can just consider me as a senior Winking smile
Oh still, my requirement of >85% grade does not change.
Do prepare to hear me nagging at you if you score <85%.
HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!! (hmm, do you still remember how my evil laugh sounds?)

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Moon Cake Office Celebration 8, September, 2014

Whoaa! My first time celebrating moon cake with office colleagues.
Just nice I did not have breakfast before hand. Hence, I could eat a loooooot of moon cakes.



Hohohoho, look at all these nice foods. Who could resist such temptation??~~

 080920149053 080920149056

Very pretty design… and my colleagues were sooooo eager to finish the cakes.
But of course… I was mooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee eager than they were.
What a moon cake breakfast!


Hmm, moon cake contained much sugar, an important fuel for a someone who is studying.
Last Sunday chocolate worked an a source of energy.
By right, moon cake should function the same.
Would you like to try to eat moon cake while studying, Sharon?

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Moon Cake Gathering 7, September, 2014

Another outing with W431~~~
Last month I joined them for their BBQ event. This month I joined them for moon cake gathering.
Are they going to conduct another event next month? Well, hopefully yes.
If yes, are they going to invite me? Well, hopefully yes too~~~ Hehehe.

First, we met up and had dinner at Medz at Millennia Walk. It was my first time there!

070920149017 070920148999 070920149000

070920149002 070920149009 070920149010

Very nice taste! Quite filling too!

070920149006 070920148994 070920148995

Of course, it is a good idea to take photos during dinner too!~~
We then proceeded to Esplanade to have a game session there.


We were split into team 1, 2 and 3. Can you guess which team I was in?


Our cool game masters!!!!


Oh, not forgetting this lovely couple too.
Well, in the end my team could not win the game. Haiz. Nevertheless, we had plenty fun!

070920149038 070920149039 070920149041

The teams were holding the candles. Well, we could not lit up the candle as it was indoor and it was raining outside.

WP_20140907_006 070920149044

We shared this delicious moon cakes!


Thanks to these 4 pretty ladies for arranging the outing!!! Hehehe.


Fun people… assemble!!!
Hopefully I can meet them again!


Well, Sharon, I rushed after the session last Sunday. In the end, I was late to meet them. Hehe.
This coming Sunday I won’t have any outing so I can devote more time for the session.
You know my habit, don’t you? 3 hours session can easily become 3.5 hours.
Aaawww, don’t be shy, I am sure you like a looooong session as well :P :P :P :P


Reply from Sharon:

3.5 HOURS D: BUT I CAN DO IT ⸜(ّᶿധّᶿ)⸝

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