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CHC Trial 9, September, 2014 (Day 69-Day 22 Tranche 5)

Prosecution kept saying the church leaders were in control.
Pastor Kong mentioned the ultimate decision makers were the directors of Xtron and Firna.
More and more evidence shows that indeed church leaders were not in full control.
For example, one scenario planning by the leaders were canceled as Choong Kar Weng, former director of Xtron, didn’t agree with it.

The prosecution mentioned even if the CAD investigations had not happened, Sun’s album would not have been launched in 2010.
However, Pastor Kong mentioned that Sun was still on track for the launch when investigation started.
What a misfortune. Really.
The hard work, planning, time, effort and money throughout the years had to end abruptly just because an unidentified person made First Information Report…. which implies the investment went down the drain even when there was no complainant (in the word of MP Edwin Tong).

Anyway, Pastor Kong’s stand is gonna end soon.
Now is the re-examination by his own lawyer, MP Edwin Tong.
Well, just a little bit more and Pastor Kong can have a good rest.