CHC Trial 11, September, 2014 (Day 71-Day 24 Tranche 5)

Some time back Pastor Kong mentioned on the stage that he could have been wiser on certain things pertaining to the trial.
He did not elaborate it at that time.
So, on the last day of his stand, it was revealed what he really meant with ‘could have been wiser’.
Indeed, he admitted he had been negligent on the financial transaction.

Well, I guess in the end it was an honest mistake.
To the  best of my understanding, CHC was the first to come up with such evangelism strategy.
Hence, the leaders did what they thought best at that time as they had no other model to follow, especially it terms of money.
They wanted to make things as legal as possible.
Yet due to discreetness here and there, many misunderstood and questioned the legality.

In the confession letter, Pastor Kong hopes the court will believe his testimony: no personal gain involved.
Indeed, I shall pray that they court will really agree that there was no personal gain.
In other words, it was a pure honest mistake.

Pastor Kong has completed his turn.
Sharon Tan will take her stand.
I believe God is with her there in the court room.

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