Ice Skating (Connexion) 21, September, 2014

Yooozz! An unofficial outing of my Connexion group for this month.
Nowadays our outing is once a month. Well, we can be busy at times with other things.
Soooo, we went to JCube to play… ice skating!!!

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Those of us who played ice skating! The wrist band looked cool.
Ice skaters.. assemble!
Well, I had not slid on ice for a few years.
Initially, I felt awkward. Then, after warming up, I could slide smoothly.
In fact, I learned a new technique of pivoting using my right leg and spinning using my left leg. Nice!!!

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Even though the arena was cold, I was actually sweating as it was not easy to control balance, my center of gravity.
Still, I was able to help some friends in getting a hang on skating.
Dinner time… diner dash!!!

WP_20140921_037 WP_20140921_032 WP_20140921_033

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We dashed to the JEM Food court level 5 and had dinner there.
Then, we talked about life. But, I guess we were too tired to talk a lot after skating Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out
I am looking forward to the next outing with them!!!


Current skills so far: sliding forward, backward, braking by making 360 degrees turn.
Sharon, if you have any other skills, teach me, yeah? ~~~


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