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CHC Trial 25, September, 2014 (Day 81-Day 34 Tranche 5)

Previously during cross examination by Chew Eng Han, Chew maintained that Special Opportunity Fund (SOF) of AMAC was a genuine investment.
Well, the prosecution claimed it was sham, not a genuine investment.
It looks like the best person to answer prosecution will be Eng Han himself, not Sharon Tan.

Be strong, Sharon, yeah? God is with you.

CG Refreshment 25, September, 2014

WP_20140925_046 WP_20140925_041

WP_20140925_042 WP_20140925_043 WP_20140925_045

Haven’t had cg refreshment for a looooong time.
Hence, yesterday we had… KFC dinner! Well, as usual, they relied on me to finish most of the food.
Not bad! The next I skipped breakfast again!

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Dinner 24, September, 2014

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Fantastic dinner my god-mommy cooked last Wednesday!
I finished the veggie and carrot!
I ate so much that I skipped breakfast the next day. Well, to be expected of me~~

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