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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 25, October, 2014 The Blessing of Abraham

Gal 3:13-14
He met Melchizedek who was the appearance of Lord Jesus in the Old Testament.

There are 3 blessings of Abraham:

1.) the blessing of elevation.
He is El Elyon. God will lift us up. When we come into the relationship with Jesus, He will elevate us.

2.) the blessing of possession.
Possession is the law of kingdom. In time, with good stewardship the ownership will come.

3.) the blessing of dominion.
Maybe we are struggling with temptation or sickness. Yet, God will help us. The blessing will come through Jesus Lord. 

Gen 14:20
Nobody told Abraham to tithe. Yet, he gave to Him.

1.) tithing is for honor.
It is an acknowledgement that the blessing comes from God. Pro 3:9-10.
Tithe: first fruit. Tithing is symbolic that even the rest belongs to God. Gen 28:22.

2.) tithing is for gratitude.
Deut 8:18. God isn’t against us becoming wealthy. God is against us forgetting Him.
Mat 6:21. Finance is a reflection of heart. Tithing is an appropriate way to saying thanks to God.

3.) tithing is for love and worship.
Gen 22:1.  Love and faith has to be tested. The first time love and worship are mentioned has something to do with gift.
1 Pet 3:7. A wife needs financial security from husband
Exo 20:12. Parents need provision from children especially in their old age.

What goes up to God is our joy, love, worship. The tithe is used for 3 things:

1.) manpower of God’s house.
Number 18:21. Salary for the full time workers in church. Nehemiah 13:10-12.

2.) ministry of God’s house. Tithe of the feast
Deut 14:23. They had conferences 3 times in year. The conference was for the revival of the nation.

3.) the mission of God’s house.
Tithe for poor and needy. Deut 14:28-29. Foreigners: unsaved. Orphan and window: Poor and needy.

Mal 3:10-12
Tithe is given to the place of worship and vision. Following is the blessing of tithe.
1.) strong church
2.) open heaven
3.) success
4.) victory over Satan
5.) productive career
6.) prospering investment
7.) global influence and legacy.

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City Harvest Church Suntec Stake

Straits Times News

The church gained wonderful profit on the investment.
Hehehehe, this is a good news to pump the members up for the coming building fund season!~~~
When the top is blessed, the middle and the bottom will be blessed too in due time!

Alive Museum Outing (Connexion) 27, October, 2014

After one month of break, we conducted another Connexion outing!!!
Last Sunday we went to Alive Museum, Suntec.
A museum full of trick to fool eyes.
Kinda admired their idea: to adjust the color, angle, dimension and lighting to give an impression of 3D in a 2D photo.

261020149255 261020149258

Photo of the early birds. Some of us were lucky to get the discounted ticket fee.

261020149267 261020149268 261020149270

We were the kings and queens for the day.

261020149281 261020149282 261020149280

Well, it is possible to return to mother’s womb, you know.

261020149309 261020149306

Thou shalt worship no other gods. Well, we just broke that commandment…


Bottomless pit!!!

WP_20141026_014 WP_20141026_012

Superman got us!!!!

WP_20141026_027 WP_20141026_026

How did they manage to do handstand???

WP_20141026_031 Alive WP_20141026_081

Captured by a cat!! Nudged by an elephant!!

WP_20141026_045 WP_20141026_043 WP_20141026_073

Gotta fight the soldier back!

WP_20141026_051 WP_20141026_049 WP_20141026_050

She was really the rose among the thorns~~~

WP_20141026_078 WP_20141026_077

We were about to be hammered!!!

WP_20141026_092 WP_20141026_089

Gotta escape from the crocodile’s mouth!!!


Oh no! Don’t let the penguin fall!!

Alive 2 261020149321

And finally! Our dinner at Marche!
Happy people are happy!
Do look forward to the next news on Connexion, ok? Winking smile

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CHC Smiles

For the very first time, CHC did this photo taking session during church service….
…. then we posted the photos on instagram!! Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

WP_20141025_001 WP_20141025_002

3 minutes time limit to do selfie and wefie



And here are the photos, displayed on the screen at the back of the stage.
Fantastic idea, indeed, to show case our warmth in church Winking smile Winking smile Winking smile

Dinner After Church Service 25, October, 2014

251020149248 251020149249 251020149250

251020149251 251020149252 251020149253

Yooooz! Had dinner with Cg people last Saturday after church service.
We went to Olive Vine in Marina Square.
Good food and lively chat with great people!
Well, we discussed about the upcoming church event: Higher Conference.
One of us feels so reluctant with the workshop for singles. Hehehe, he wants to stay single, somehow Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

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Bail Me Out, I Pray Thee, oh God

Mistakes. Neglect. Transgression. Sin.
Who can be so perfect so as not to commit any of this?
Each of us imperfect. Hence, we are constantly prone to commit any of these.
It is said ‘What we sow is what we reap.’
Yet, even after we commit mistake or sin, we can still plead mercy to God.
We can ask Him not to pass the judgment due to us.
In other words, we can ask Him to bail us out.

Sometimes, God passes the judgment. Sometimes, He doesn’t.

1.) Miriam and Aaron speaking evil against Moses (Numbers 12).
God bailed Aaron out by not striking him.
In contrast, He struck Miriam with leper. He healed her eventually, though.

2.) David committing adultery with Bathsheba
It was a huge sin.
God bailed David out from certain punishment (2 Samuel 12:13)
Yet, He did not bail David out from other punishments (2 Samuel 12: 10, 11, 14)

3.) Moses not allowed to enter into the Promised Land.
As recorded in his farewell speech, Moses paid the price for his mistake.
No matter  how much he prayed, God did not bail him out.
God forbade him from entering into the land of Canaan (Deuteronomy 3:23-26).

4.) Lord Jesus and the adulterous woman.
She was caught in the act of adultery.
Yet, Lord Jesus did not condemn her (John 8:11).

5.) Lord Jesus’ sacrifice.
Perhaps, this is the biggest act of bailing out.
We deserved death. Yet, Lord Jesus taking our judgment upon Himself.

Why does God bail out one but not another?
I can offer no suggestion on that.
Perhaps other than disobedience, God takes into account too one’s obedience in other areas (2 Chronicles 19:2-3).
Perhaps when we arrive in heaven, we can ask God directly.
It is worthy to mention that the last example of bailing out above is the most perplexing.
Christ died for all of us while we were still sinners, while no obedience was found in us (Rm 5:8, Rm 3:10-11).

We may not know when God will bail us out from our mistakes and when He will not.
Even for me, when I looked into my past, sometimes He did and other times He did not.
But perhaps, we can follow David’s example.
He pleaded for God’s mercy so God would cancel one of His punishments (2 Samuel 12:16, 22).

We are imperfect. We are prone to making mistakes or sin. We are, therefore, prone to receiving God’s judgment.
Clearly, as much as possible we would want to avoid His judgment.
Shall we then pray like David prayed?

I fasted and wept; for I said, “Who can tell whether the LORD will be gracious to me…?’
– 2 Samuel 12: 22 –

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CG Dinner 23, October, 2014

Yooooozzz! Had a cg dinner last Thursday at I’m Kim Korean BBQ (
It was our second dinner in combined CG levels. The first one was KFC dinner.
It was my first time visiting I’m Kim.

231020149234 231020149226 231020149227 

231020149228 231020149229231020149230

231020149232231020149233 231020149240

Buffet only means one thing…. time to unleash gluttony!!!!
Also, I had the chance to sharpen my camel skill: eat a lot until I skip breakfast the next day!

231020149239 231020149238

Luckily there was a chef sitting at my table. He cooked and I ate.

WP_20141023_010 231020149231 231020149236

Should take group photo too. Very important.
We were so honored to have Elim Chew, the founder, taking photo with us.


Our last photo before leaving the venue.
Highly recommended dining place.
Do visit them and delight your taste bud there, ok? Winking smile

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