Pastor Kong’s Sermon 4, October, 2014 Transformed by Worship

Altar of Incense
It symbolizes prayer and worship. In the new covenant, we are the fragrance of Christ.

Luke 9:28, Matt 17:2
The goal of worship is to become more like whom we worship.
Transfiguration: metamorphosis. Change from one to another form.

2 Cor 3:18
4 points about worship:

1.) We must worship God with the real us.
Unveiled face. God, this is the true me. It is better to come to God with honest anger than with dishonest praise.

2.) We look into the glory of the Lord. When we see Jesus, we are changed.

3.) We must expect the Holy Spirit to work in us.

4.) We allow the change to be progressive.

The more we worship, the faster we conform to His image.

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