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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 27, September, 2014 Abiding in Christ (1)

Psalm 24:3-5, Psalm 15:2
Ascend —> Abide. Standing in God —> Dwelling in God’s presence.

Lev 26:11:12, 2 Cor 6:16
From dwelling among us, God wants to dwell in us.
God wants us to spend time with Him. In fact, wherever we are, we can always commune with God.
There are some adjustments we need to do if we want to walk with God.

1.) We need to adjust our walk.
He who walks uprightly.
John 10:27, Eph 5:2
It is a daily continual walk with God.
We need to walk in love. Love isn’t just a feeling. It is a commitment.
Don’t just fall in love. We need to rise in love.

2.) We need to adjust our works
John 15:5
CHC is famous for working hard. It is impossible to dwell in Christ and not be productive.
It doesn’t mean we work hard to earn salvation. Salvation is a gift from God.
Three levels of work:

– We do things for God. However, it can make us need-oriented.
– We do things with God. 2 Cor 6:1. Since we are yoked with Christ, we follow His pace. If He walks, we walk. If He runs, we run. If He stops, we stop.
– We minister unto God. Temple is a place of intimate worship with God. When we worship Him, we are changed to be like Him.

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Fairy Tail Soundtrack (2)

Have been listening to Fairy Tail soundtrack these days.
Well, after listening to Naruto, it is a good idea to listen to other anime soundtrack too.
More variety of music to keep me awake in office and when I am studying.
While Naruto’s signature soundtrack is based on flute, Fairy Tail’s signature musical instrument is violin.
Enjoy the video above!

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