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Birthday Celebration 22, October, 2014

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Well, who would have guessed that my god-mommy’s birthday would fall on a public holiday? Smile with tongue out
Happy birthday, Mommy! Stay young forever!

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 11, October, 2014 Abiding in Christ (2)

1.) We need to adjust our walk.

2.) We need to adjust our work.

3.) We need to adjust our words.
Our words can be the greatest hindrance to dwell in God’s presence.

Mark 11:22-23
Tremendous power is released as we speak according to His truth
God wants us to speak out what He wants us to speak, not only what He wants us to think.

Ps 141:3
Thought is just thought. The moment we speak it out, it becomes definitive. God isn’t a flatterer.
He simply tells the truth when He says we are His sons and daughters.
A.) speaking the truth sets us free (John 8:32)
B.) speaking the truth sanctifies us (John 17:17)
C.) speaking the truth strengthens our inner man (1 Tim 4:6)

Ps 15:3-4, Malachi 3:16
We need to watch our conversation.
Those who walk in God are not recluse. They talk to each other. As we edify one another, God writes it in a book of remembrance.

4.) We need to adjust our will.
We need to submit our will to the will of God.
Just knowing His will alone isn’t enough, we need to carry out His will. We need to keep our promise to God, to ourselves and to one another.

John 7:17, Ps 15:4
Obedience releases more and more revelation.
Who stands by his pledge at any cost.
Body gives manifestation to life. Body isn’t just container. It is a temple of the Holy Spirit.
Soul gives movement to life. Soul defines the real us. It brings style. Soul: intellect, feeling.
Spirit gives motivation to life. The spirit is willing. It is important for all of us to be born again. Will we submit our will to God?

Luke 22:42, 2 Cor 5:14
Temptation always ends the moment we submit it to God.
The motivation to surrender our will to God is because we love God. It is like the husband and wife surrendering to each other.

Phil 2:13, Ps 40:8
Everyday God moves us with His love. It makes us surrendering to God easier.
This should be the cry of our heart. We delight to do His will.

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