CG Dinner 23, October, 2014

Yooooozzz! Had a cg dinner last Thursday at I’m Kim Korean BBQ (
It was our second dinner in combined CG levels. The first one was KFC dinner.
It was my first time visiting I’m Kim.

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Buffet only means one thing…. time to unleash gluttony!!!!
Also, I had the chance to sharpen my camel skill: eat a lot until I skip breakfast the next day!

231020149239 231020149238

Luckily there was a chef sitting at my table. He cooked and I ate.

WP_20141023_010 231020149231 231020149236

Should take group photo too. Very important.
We were so honored to have Elim Chew, the founder, taking photo with us.


Our last photo before leaving the venue.
Highly recommended dining place.
Do visit them and delight your taste bud there, ok? Winking smile

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