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Alive Museum Outing (Connexion) 27, October, 2014

After one month of break, we conducted another Connexion outing!!!
Last Sunday we went to Alive Museum, Suntec.
A museum full of trick to fool eyes.
Kinda admired their idea: to adjust the color, angle, dimension and lighting to give an impression of 3D in a 2D photo.

261020149255 261020149258

Photo of the early birds. Some of us were lucky to get the discounted ticket fee.

261020149267 261020149268 261020149270

We were the kings and queens for the day.

261020149281 261020149282 261020149280

Well, it is possible to return to mother’s womb, you know.

261020149309 261020149306

Thou shalt worship no other gods. Well, we just broke that commandment…


Bottomless pit!!!

WP_20141026_014 WP_20141026_012

Superman got us!!!!

WP_20141026_027 WP_20141026_026

How did they manage to do handstand???

WP_20141026_031 Alive WP_20141026_081

Captured by a cat!! Nudged by an elephant!!

WP_20141026_045 WP_20141026_043 WP_20141026_073

Gotta fight the soldier back!

WP_20141026_051 WP_20141026_049 WP_20141026_050

She was really the rose among the thorns~~~

WP_20141026_078 WP_20141026_077

We were about to be hammered!!!

WP_20141026_092 WP_20141026_089

Gotta escape from the crocodile’s mouth!!!


Oh no! Don’t let the penguin fall!!

Alive 2 261020149321

And finally! Our dinner at Marche!
Happy people are happy!
Do look forward to the next news on Connexion, ok? Winking smile

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