Pastor Kong’s Sermon 25, October, 2014 The Blessing of Abraham

Gal 3:13-14
He met Melchizedek who was the appearance of Lord Jesus in the Old Testament.

There are 3 blessings of Abraham:

1.) the blessing of elevation.
He is El Elyon. God will lift us up. When we come into the relationship with Jesus, He will elevate us.

2.) the blessing of possession.
Possession is the law of kingdom. In time, with good stewardship the ownership will come.

3.) the blessing of dominion.
Maybe we are struggling with temptation or sickness. Yet, God will help us. The blessing will come through Jesus Lord. 

Gen 14:20
Nobody told Abraham to tithe. Yet, he gave to Him.

1.) tithing is for honor.
It is an acknowledgement that the blessing comes from God. Pro 3:9-10.
Tithe: first fruit. Tithing is symbolic that even the rest belongs to God. Gen 28:22.

2.) tithing is for gratitude.
Deut 8:18. God isn’t against us becoming wealthy. God is against us forgetting Him.
Mat 6:21. Finance is a reflection of heart. Tithing is an appropriate way to saying thanks to God.

3.) tithing is for love and worship.
Gen 22:1.  Love and faith has to be tested. The first time love and worship are mentioned has something to do with gift.
1 Pet 3:7. A wife needs financial security from husband
Exo 20:12. Parents need provision from children especially in their old age.

What goes up to God is our joy, love, worship. The tithe is used for 3 things:

1.) manpower of God’s house.
Number 18:21. Salary for the full time workers in church. Nehemiah 13:10-12.

2.) ministry of God’s house. Tithe of the feast
Deut 14:23. They had conferences 3 times in year. The conference was for the revival of the nation.

3.) the mission of God’s house.
Tithe for poor and needy. Deut 14:28-29. Foreigners: unsaved. Orphan and window: Poor and needy.

Mal 3:10-12
Tithe is given to the place of worship and vision. Following is the blessing of tithe.
1.) strong church
2.) open heaven
3.) success
4.) victory over Satan
5.) productive career
6.) prospering investment
7.) global influence and legacy.

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