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Pizza Lunch 29, November, 2014

291120149884 291120149885

291120149886 291120149887

Surprise!!!! The company treated the staff pizza yesterday!!!
Apparently there was just too much work. So, our boss decided to give overtime pay to some of us and then treated us this lunch!


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Bird… Drop…

241120149801 241120149802

Well, my unlucky day.
Was walking briskly in an industrial area.
All of sudden, I felt something falling at my right shoulder.
Yup, a bird drop.
Well, thank God it did not touch my hair or skin.
Immediately I washed it off with some hand soap formulation ~~~
After all, I am a chemist in a cleaning firm.

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Dinner 24, November, 2014


Fantastic dinner cooked by my god-mommy!!!
Felt so healthy after eating it.
Especially after I finished that organic veggie ~~~


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Supersteam Dinner and Dance 21, November, 2014

Fantastic company even last Friday!
We celebrated 12th birthday of Supersteam!
Lots of fun and food! Games and lucky draw prizes!

211120149739 211120149737 211120149738

Plain room when we first arrived.
Since I was one of the committee members, I helped my colleagues to decorate the room.

211120149741 211120149740

And so, the guests arrived~~~~

211120149757 211120149744 211120149745

Our anniversary!!! My boss gave the opening speech.

211120149754 211120149746 211120149747

211120149748 211120149749 211120149750 

211120149751 211120149752 211120149753

Oh definitely, yummy foods were there.
It was my dinner and breakfast the next day.

211120149758 231120149798

Lots of lucky draw prizes!
I won a hard drive!! Just what I need to boost the efficiency of my work!!!

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Dinner After Church Service 22, November, 2014

221120149766 221120149767 221120149768

221120149769 221120149770

Went to Olive Vine last Saturday with CG people!
As usual, nice dinner with nice conversation.
A cg member is very skillful in getting fantastic discount whenever he travels overseas.
Gotta learn his trick too one day~~~

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Badminton (Connexion) 23, November, 2014

Another fantastic outing with Connexion chat group.
Last month I joined them for outing at Alive museum. Today I played badminton with them.
We had it at Ang Mo Kio secondary school. The courts were really packed!

231120149775 231120149774

Ready to serve the shuttle cock.

231120149790 231120149787 231120149788 231120149789

Some actions captured by camera.


My friends and I!!!
I uploaded videos on our match on FB. Do check them out Winking smile Winking smile Winking smile

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 15, November, 2014

Isaiah 60:14,19
It is the same city that Apostle John saw. It is the hope and desire of every heroes of faith.
Hebrews 11:13-14,16
My God has prepared a city for me. First, God will give us resurrected body. It will be like the present body but without sickness or disability.
3 things about the holy city

1.) A city of redemption.
All of our lives is a rehearsal before we come into eternity.
Isa 60:9.
The holy city is a city of commerce. All the expensive stuffs were,there.
God initially would judge them by removing the bad. God then allowed them in the holy city.
God redeemed, restored, renewed and refreshed. What is used for bad, God will use it for His glory.
Isaiah 60:13.
God is in the restoration business. We need to become agent of redemption.

2.) A city of creativity.
Isaiah 60:11.
Wealth of Gentiles. All the innovation of the world.
All,creativity in music, fashion, arts will be brought into the holy city minus all the sin.
In CHC, we showcase our creativity.

3.) A city of light.
The new Jerusalem will be filled with amazing light.
Isa 60:1-3.
The light came from Lord Jesus and from His people.
Isa 60:20.
There will be no more sorrows and pains.
Isa 58:10.
It is not God’s light, it is our light. How do we shine for God?
When we evangelize, we help the poor and needy.

Right now in this life, we should seek the city
Heb 13:14.
Everything we do, we pattern it after the holy city.

Why are vows important?

1.) Vows are expression of love.
Isa 49:15-16.
Marriage certificate is more than just a price of paper. On the wedding day, they exchange vow.
Even when the marriage gets tough, the couple goes back to the vow and stays together.
Ps 22:25. Ps 76:11. 2 Corinthian 9:5.
It is good to make vow and keep it.

2.) Vow protects a relationship
Vow is designed to prevent future dispute. There is exclusivity. We are 100% committed as we say in vow.

3.) Vow motivates us to act.
There is resolve to keep it.
Ps 132:1-5

4.) vow moves God into action.
When Jepthah made a vow, God moved into action.

Commitment should be shown publicly.
Wedding vows is public.
God’s commitment is declared publicly through the Bible.

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CG Sermon 13, November, 2014

John 2:13-17
The zeal for God’s house has eaten me up.
Zeal: Zelos. Heat. It describes the feeling of jealousy, a very strong passion.
Have I ever been so passions before? Have I ever had such a righteous anger?
What am I passionate about? Why am I passionate about it?

Lord Jesus was so passionate about God’s house in 3 areas:

1.) for the worship of God.
It was a time of Passover. He was zealous to obey the instruction to worship together with other believers.
Are we zealous to worship God together with others?
God sets apart the seventh day. We set aside Sabbath Day to commune with God.
Isa 58:13-14.
God promised to bless us if we seek the Lord on Sabbath.

2.) for the spiritual needs of the people.
He drove out the money changers. God’s house must be the house of prayer. These people were more in business.
2 Chr 6:17-21;29-33.
Solomon dedicated the house of GOD as a place where non-believers can come and pray.
We are to pray non-Christians to know the Lord.
Luke 11:5-8
Persistent knocking. He was asking bread on behalf of his friend. We need to keep praying for the salvation of the lost.

3.) for the new temple of His body.
John 2:18-21.
We can now worship God through Lord Jesus.
Good news: The way of life for us to follow.

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Dinner 16, November, 2014


161120149628 161120149629 161120149630

161120149631 161120149632 161120149633

Had a fantastic brown rice second lunch-dinner (lun-ner) last Sunday!
I ate so much that I had to battle against sleepiness afterward.
But at last…. I won!! I did not fall asleep at all!

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Church service 15, November, 2014

Had a fantastic church service last Saturday!
First, we had…

151120149609 151120149610 151120149611

151120149612 151120149613 151120149614

Baby dedication!!! Look at all those babies! CHC is very fruitful, don’t you think so?
Pastor Kong gave an instruction: “Those of you who are still single and above 21 years old, please get married soon and have as many babies as possible.”
Amen for that! I shall obey my shepherd’s instruction.
After the church service…

151120149619 151120149617 151120149618

My CG celebrated a member’s birthday!!
Happy birthday, Daniel!
Then after birthday celebration…

151120149627 151120149622 151120149623

151120149624 151120149625 151120149626

My CG had yummy Thai dinner!!!
It was my first time visiting Bangkok Jam. They really cook very very well.

Thank God for such a eventful Saturday!