Higher Conference Encounter Night 30, October, 2014

Matt 6.
The Lord’s prayer.
God could have rained manna from heaven.
However, He,chose to use the farmer, engineer, bread company and others. He chose to work through human being.

Vocation means job (literally Calling).
Our vocation is God calling out to us.
God can heal miraculously. However, most of the time He chooses to use doctors and nurses.
God uses teachers to teach us to write and read.
God uses train operators to help us travel.

Every one of us has a vocation.
As long as we do not do anything immoral,or illegal, we are in the calling of God for that season in life.
The purpose of our vocation is to love in Christ and serve our neighbor.

Luke 10:29
Who is the neighbor? Parents serve children, children serve parents. Husbands serve wives, wives serve husbands.

Matt 25:37-40
We love and serve neighbor because Christ is hidden in them, even when the neighbors are not lovable.
Jesus is in disguise in our neighbor.

Threefold calling to our church, our home and work.

1.) our work is calling from God.
Gen 2:15
To tend and keep it: Cultura/ culture. Cultus/worship. Our work is worship.
We are offering our work/worship to God. Let’s do our work in such,a way that glorifies God.

Exo 31:1-5, Ex 36:2
The first person whom God explicitly said to be filled,with the Holy Spirit was Bezalel.
He was an interior designer. He was not full time church workers.

2.) every one of us has been called by God into a family.
Ps 68:6.
God sets the lonely in,families.

3.) church: Ekklesia: To be called out.
Church: Community of believers being called out from darkness.
We are called to serve one another in church.

7 principles of vocation.

1.) we can’t choose our vocation. It is God’s calling for us.

2.) our,vocation is where we are and what we are doing right now.

3.) we must live out our faith in vocation.

4.) we should not sin against our vocation. Husband should not commit adultery. Parents should not abuse children.

5.) we,should not act outside of our vocation.

6.) we should not be pulled away from our vocation.
There maybe frustration and hurts in vocation.
The devil is up to something to pull us away from vocation.
It is faith that will transform suffering into a cross.
Our ordinary life can be transformed gloriously when Jesus is present.
1 Cor 7:17.
The season in life right now is God’s gift for us. We should stay where we are.
Don’t feel condemned if we cannot do what we did as youth. We are doing God’s work.

7.) we must remember to rest in our vocation.
6 days of work. 1 day of rest.


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