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Pastor Kong’s sermon 1, November, 2014 Holy Spirit in the 4th Dimension

Gen 1:1-2
There was only emptiness, darkness, chaos. However, the Holy Spirit brooded the earth, looking to give birth to light.
4th dimension: Invisible realm of the Holy Spirit. In 4th dimension, There is power to change the physical realm.
Acts 1 was like Genesis 1. The church was in chaos until the Holy Spirit descended upon them.
Acts 2:1-3
When the Holy Spirit came, He alighted on the heads of the believers.

We welcome the Holy Spirit in 4 areas:

1.) Welcome the Holy Spirit into our thoughts.
He can change negative thought into positive thought. Without hope, there is no more strength to fight.
If we have driven mental stake, we will condemn ourselves in defeat. Hope is important.
Col 1:27.
Christ is the hope of glory. We are moving into glorious future.
Pro 23:7.
Mental barrier has to be broken. Our mind has to be synchronized with the mind of God.
The Bible is the logos, the collection of thought of God. We need to know what God thinks about our lives, our health, our marriage.
Psalm 1:2-3.
We need to focus my mind on the word of God.
Phil 4:8
Think of lovely, noble, good reports. We welcome the Holy Spirit into our thinking.

2.) welcome the Holy Spirit into our visions and dreams.
He wants to plant visions and dreams into our mind. But first, He cleanses our thought.
If we can take the brush of faith and paint on the canvas the vision the Holy Spirit gives us, the vision will come to pass.
He can give visions and dreams that is custom made only for each one of us.
Every time we pray, we incubate our vision. We pray and we pray and we pray until we know God has taken care of our visions.

3.) welcome the Holy Spirit into our believing.
When we have hard time believing and seeing our future, we can ask Him to help our unbelief.

4.) we welcome Him into our speaking
Mark 11:22-23
We believe and we say.

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