Pastor Kong’s Sermon 8, November,2014

Why is property important?

1.) legacy for eternity
Gen 13:15
Forever: Perpetually, infinitely.
Ex 32:13
God’s promise is forever promise.
Joshua 14:9
Doesn’t God hate the earth after all the sin? There is something about the earth that God loves.
The earth belongs to God regardless of the sin.
Matt 5:5
Jesus loves the earth. He said the meek will inherit the earth.
God’s promise if possession is forever for us to inherit the earth.
When we die, we go to heaven. However, heaven is not final destination.
Some may think spirits may be disembodied. However, we will have resurrection of the body.
Job 19:25-26
In my flesh i shall see God. Even after we die, we will have new flesh and skin to interact with God.
Lord Jesus ate in His resurrected body. He had hands and feet, flesh and bone.
The LORD will restore our body. It won’t have sin, sickness.
Phil 3:20-21
We will have glorious body to live under new heaven and earth. New: Renewed or refreshed. It will be fire of purification, not annihilation.
Rev 21:5, 24-26
He will make things new, no more wickedness or war. All human achievement/ value will be brought into the new Jerusalem
Rev 14:13
Our works will follow us into eternity. Our talent and ministry will be greater in the new Jerusalem.

2.) legacy with inheritance.
Good inheritance for our children and grandchildren.
We should secure a place of worship for our descendants
Pro 13:22

3.) legacy of blessing
Salvation, protection, favor.
2 Sam 7:11-16
God promised to build his household forever. God wants our children and grandchildren to be blessed
1 Kings 11:9-10-11-13
Solomon worshipped other gods because of his wives. Solomon was the ultimate playboy. God delayed judgment because of David’s sake.
1 Kings 15:1-4
For David’s sake, God didn’t completely punish Abijam.
When we have heart for God’s house, God will have a heart for our house.
2 Kings 8:16-19
120 years after David’s death, God still remembered in spite of the evil.
2 Kings 19-34-35
God defended the city for David’s sake. David killed more people when he was dead than when he was alive.


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