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Dinner 16, November, 2014


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161120149631 161120149632 161120149633

Had a fantastic brown rice second lunch-dinner (lun-ner) last Sunday!
I ate so much that I had to battle against sleepiness afterward.
But at last…. I won!! I did not fall asleep at all!

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Church service 15, November, 2014

Had a fantastic church service last Saturday!
First, we had…

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151120149612 151120149613 151120149614

Baby dedication!!! Look at all those babies! CHC is very fruitful, don’t you think so?
Pastor Kong gave an instruction: “Those of you who are still single and above 21 years old, please get married soon and have as many babies as possible.”
Amen for that! I shall obey my shepherd’s instruction.
After the church service…

151120149619 151120149617 151120149618

My CG celebrated a member’s birthday!!
Happy birthday, Daniel!
Then after birthday celebration…

151120149627 151120149622 151120149623

151120149624 151120149625 151120149626

My CG had yummy Thai dinner!!!
It was my first time visiting Bangkok Jam. They really cook very very well.

Thank God for such a eventful Saturday!

Cake 14, November, 2014


Received this cake from onee-san!
Nice cake! Finished it in one go as I was too hungry~~~

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