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Badminton (Connexion) 23, November, 2014

Another fantastic outing with Connexion chat group.
Last month I joined them for outing at Alive museum. Today I played badminton with them.
We had it at Ang Mo Kio secondary school. The courts were really packed!

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Ready to serve the shuttle cock.

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Some actions captured by camera.


My friends and I!!!
I uploaded videos on our match on FB. Do check them out Winking smile Winking smile Winking smile

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 15, November, 2014

Isaiah 60:14,19
It is the same city that Apostle John saw. It is the hope and desire of every heroes of faith.
Hebrews 11:13-14,16
My God has prepared a city for me. First, God will give us resurrected body. It will be like the present body but without sickness or disability.
3 things about the holy city

1.) A city of redemption.
All of our lives is a rehearsal before we come into eternity.
Isa 60:9.
The holy city is a city of commerce. All the expensive stuffs were,there.
God initially would judge them by removing the bad. God then allowed them in the holy city.
God redeemed, restored, renewed and refreshed. What is used for bad, God will use it for His glory.
Isaiah 60:13.
God is in the restoration business. We need to become agent of redemption.

2.) A city of creativity.
Isaiah 60:11.
Wealth of Gentiles. All the innovation of the world.
All,creativity in music, fashion, arts will be brought into the holy city minus all the sin.
In CHC, we showcase our creativity.

3.) A city of light.
The new Jerusalem will be filled with amazing light.
Isa 60:1-3.
The light came from Lord Jesus and from His people.
Isa 60:20.
There will be no more sorrows and pains.
Isa 58:10.
It is not God’s light, it is our light. How do we shine for God?
When we evangelize, we help the poor and needy.

Right now in this life, we should seek the city
Heb 13:14.
Everything we do, we pattern it after the holy city.

Why are vows important?

1.) Vows are expression of love.
Isa 49:15-16.
Marriage certificate is more than just a price of paper. On the wedding day, they exchange vow.
Even when the marriage gets tough, the couple goes back to the vow and stays together.
Ps 22:25. Ps 76:11. 2 Corinthian 9:5.
It is good to make vow and keep it.

2.) Vow protects a relationship
Vow is designed to prevent future dispute. There is exclusivity. We are 100% committed as we say in vow.

3.) Vow motivates us to act.
There is resolve to keep it.
Ps 132:1-5

4.) vow moves God into action.
When Jepthah made a vow, God moved into action.

Commitment should be shown publicly.
Wedding vows is public.
God’s commitment is declared publicly through the Bible.

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