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Pastor Tan Ye Peng’s Sermon 29, November, 2014 Jesus the King on the Cross

Seeing the Mystery of God in the Mess of Humanity

Apocalypse means revelation.
Rev 1:9
Apostle John shared with them in the tribulation in patient endurance. Patient endurance means hanging in there.
In the present time, we live in a fast paced world. However, we need to have patience in God. For God to turn a mess into message, He takes time.

Lord Jesus the Messiah
Luke 9:27-31
Why Moses and Elijah?
Like Moses, Jesus was going to accomplish Exodus of people from sin. He was also to prophesy the destruction of the physical Temple of God.
Instead of establishing physical kingdom, He established spiritual kingdom.
Instead of defeating physical enemy, He defeated the final enemy: death, by arising from the dead.
Whatever God does, it makes us confused and perplexed. However, if we are willing to wait, we will see His wisdom.

Lord Jesus the Passover Lamb
Luke 22:14-20, Exo 12:1-13
At the same night He judged the firstborn of Egypt, He saved His firstborn Israel.
When Lord Jesus told people to eat His body and drink His blood, the people left Him as they thought He was teaching cannibalism.
However, in time to come, He taught the apostles the real meaning of communion.

Lord Jesus the bridegroom
Luke 22:20, John 14:1-3
New covenant. Lord Jesus is in engagement with the church. He is preparing the house for us in heaven.
He is coming back. He is faithful to us. Are we faithful to Him until He returns?

Jesus the King on the Cross
Luke 23:21-25, 42-43
Lord Jesus was the Passover lamb. The people unknowingly sacrificed Him.
Lord Jesus asked the Father to forgive them. It wasn’t because they hurt Him.
It was because He confessed their sin on behalf of the people. When we do not know what to pray, He intercedes for us

Jesus the Resurrected Lord
Luke 23:44-45
The beginning of the creation. Darkness over all the earth. It is the same as Gen 1:2.
When Lord Jesus arose from the dead, it was the beginning of the new creation: Let there be light.
Luke 24:13-18, 27, 30
Cleopas and his wife Mary were leaving Jerusalem. Lord Jesus met them as He didn’t want them to leave Jerusalem.
Their heart was so heavy. Lord Jesus was there to minister to them. Their eyes were opened after eating.
It is similar as Adam and Eve when their eyes were open.
Cleopas and Mary went back to Jerusalem and shared their experience. We too should share the Gospel with others.

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