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Church Service 14, December, 2014

Had Candle Light church service last night.
As usual, there was a performance by the Millennial Orchestra, a treat for the members and friends.
Sun even sang for us too.

1312201410088 1312201410086 1312201410087

Later on, we lit up the candles and switched off most of the light in the hall.

1312201410094 1312201410092 1312201410093

Dark place… always a good time to sharpen my photography skill.
Then, my CG had dinner at the ‘far away’ Kopitiam.
Well, we had visited other places but they were either full or too expensive.

1312201410103 1312201410095 1312201410096

1312201410097 1312201410098 1312201410099

1312201410100 1312201410101 1312201410102

Next weekend is going to be Christmas weekend service.
Stay tuned~~