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Cg Dinner 14, December, 2014

Had Christmas dinner with CG yesterday at Hai Di Lao.
It turned out I arrived first. Hence, I took queue number.
A bit tough to communicate with them as they mainly speak Chinese.
In the end, we all came and started the dinner.

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1412201410111 1412201410112

The spicy soup was really spicy. It took some time to ‘bite’ the tongue.
I like the free flow of watermelon, melon and dessert the most.
Need to be healthy.

1412201410117 1412201410115 1412201410116

Our great spiritual family.
Best of all, it was a Christmas treat from my CGL. Thanks so much, bro!


Last but not least, we celebrated a member’s birthday too.
Looking forward to Christmas weekend soon~~~

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