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Cg Sermon 11, December, 2014

Luke 1:39-45
God gave us Christmas to renew our experience with Jesus.
There are several notable characters surrounding the first Christmas.

1.) Elizabeth
She was full of expectation. Even the voice of Mary alone made her be filled with the Holy Spirit.
Expectation leads us to Jesus.
Phil 1:20
Because of our earnest expectation and hope, we will not be ashamed.

2.) Simeon
Luke 2:25-32
Revelation leads us to Jesus. Faith comes by hearing the word of revelation.
Revelation: Vision and dream. Once the Holy Spirit gives us the vision and dream, we should incubate it with prayer.
We need to persist in revelation.

3.) Anna
Luke 2:36-38
Consecration leads us to Jesus. Anna kept her heart close to God. She prayed and fasted a lot.
Consecration is more than just surrendering. It is a transfer of all we are to Christ for active service.
Consecration also is to partner with the Holy Spirit to reach out to souls,since God is the Redeemer.
Joshua 3:5
God will do mighty wonder for us if we consecrate ourselves to Him.

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