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Church Service 20-21, December, 2014

Had a great weekend yesterday and today. Attended the church service twice.
Yesterday was my main church service. This morning was for accompanying a new friend.

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Had dinner last night at Podi, Raffles City B1.
Our Christmas dinner after church service.
Their sweet potato fries is really sweet. Not too oily too.
Their fettucine sauce tastes great.

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Did some gift exchange with cg friends.
Want to know what is inside those wrapped presents? Well, check out my FB page, ok?


The cast of Christmas drama 2014: The Night I Met the Watchmaker.
More or less, it runs on the theme of relationship and family.
Similar to previous Christmas production Because It’s Christmas 2012 and Christmas at Pooperwick 2013.
The drama production makes me think a lot for my family.
Well, let’s see what I can do for them next year.
It was phenomenal drama. They are super hardworking and professional!

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