Korean BBQ Connexion 21, December, 2014

Dr. Robi Sonderegger once taught CHC members, “How do we apply second law of thermodynamics in relationship? In order to kill a relationship, you simply just do.. absolutely nothing about it.” (something along this line)
Time is like a fertilizer. Relationship is like a plant.
Spend no time on relationship. It will die off naturally.
Spend much time on relationship. It will grow and thrive.
Hence, it is really a good idea to keep the Connexion going strong by spending time with them all.
After not seeing them for one month, finally I met these great people yesterday.

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Cooking and eating.
We spent much time on discussing a very important issue. Guess what it is?
We discussed a lot on credit cards and how to best utilize them.
Knowledge is power.
Hence, it is good to share information with friends.

2112201410177 2112201410173 2112201410174

I’m KIM. A wonderful place to dine and have fellowship.
We even managed to take photo with the owner, Elim Chew.
Shall visit this place again one day.

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