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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 20, December, 2014

Don’t be afraid
Fear = worries = anxiety = nervousness
Some are afraid of losing, health, job, marriage. God doesn’t want us to be afraid.

Luke 1:30
1. Don’t be afraid. Only believe.
Difficult things happen . Yet, God wants us to trust Him. He isn’t gonna disappoint us.
With God, nothing is impossible. Can God bless our marriage and bless our home? Certainly.

2. Don’t be afraid. Only obey.
Matt 1:20
Just obey the Lord and His word. When we obey God, His promise will come to pass.

3. Don’t be afraid. Only follow.
Luke 2:10-11
When we follow Lord Jesus, He will bring us to our destiny. He is specialized in changing lives.
1 Pet 3:14-15.

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