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Memory of 2014

Each of this item represents of memory.  A sweet memory.

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Anyway, 2015 is coming. Time to get serious with the purpose of life God has given me.
So, get ready, world! By God’s grace, I am gonna turn you upside down!
Either one of these characters well symbolizes my rising!


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Pastor Tan’s Sermon 27, December, 2014

Peace on earth goodwill toward men

Luke 2:14
What is the significance of this verse?
The angels declared that God would do new thing: God wanted to create new people who are people of peace.
We need internal peace. The world needs peace. Immanuel will bring peace to us.

Luke 4:18-19, luke 19-41-44
The ministry of Lord Jesus. He kept,correcting Jerusalem but they rejected Him.

Luke 6:12-13
God ushered a new world order. 12 apostles are symbolic,of the renewed creation. He trained them to be His representative.
Lord Jesus taught them they were blessed even in the midst of suffering.
They were part of His kingdom and they were treated differently in the world because they aligned themselves with Jesus

Poor- Zaccheus
Zaccheus became poorer as he restored fourfold. Nevertheless, he was blessed.
The world persecuted and reviled the disciples. Nevertheless, Lord Jesus taught us to love enemies.
Luke 6:32
Be gracious even if they may not deserve it.

1.) Luke 6:41-42
How to have good measure? We need to see in mercy to see clearly.

2.) Luke 6:43-45
In the way you speak, speak goodness.
All of us should make effort to store the word of God in our heart. Only then we can speak goodness.

3.) Luke 6:48-49
In all we do, be like Jesus.
It isn’t just morality. It is to save us from destruction.

Luke 5:36-39
He came to introduce new way of living. As we embrace it, we will experience peace.

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