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CHC Trial 29, January, 2015 (Day 89-Day 4 Tranche 6)

City News 29 Jan 2015 Morning City News 29 Jan 2015 Morning 2 City News 29 Jan 2015 Afternoon


Chew Eng Han was not in the state of mind of conspiring anything.
How could one think of any conspiracy when he himself underwent much challenges?
In fact, none of the accused ever thought he/she was conspiring anything illegal.
All the best, Eng Han!

CHC Trial 28, January, 2015 (Day 88-Day 3 Tranche 6)

City News 28 Jan 2015 Morning City News 28 Jan 2015 Afternoon 1 City News 28 Jan 2015 Afternoon 2


Glad to see Chew Eng Han testifying at the court.
He really did well in explaining the evidence and refuting the prosecution’s points.
All the best, Chew Eng Han!

Pastor Kong’s Sermon 24, January, 2015

Acts 17:28, John 10:10
Love. That’s the central theme of the Bible. Faith works through love.
Gal 5:6
Invest. How do we invest in lives in things which really matter? There must be eternal dividends.
Forgive. Without forgiveness, Christianity is a lie.
Enjoy. The joy of the Lord is our strength. Let’s enjoy the journey.
Nothing happens without God’s permission. When God permits it, it is for our good.

Make love our aim. 1 Cor 14:1
Beyond getting the blessing, we should be expert in love.
1 John 4:19
The only reason we can love is because He loved first. We love others just like He loves us.
How does God love us?

1. Jesus accepts us.
We live in the world of survival of the fittest, smartest and loveliest. People tend to reject us when we do not perform well. However, Lord Jesus accepts us for who we are regardless of our imperfection. Even when we let Him go, He will hold on to us.
Jesus Lord then commands us to accept others. We can accept without approving sinful lifestyle.
John 8:11.
Rm 15:7
We choose love. Let’s accept people who irritate us.

2. Jesus values us.
How much are we worth to God?
Our self worth is more important than net worth. We are worth much more than the angels. Lord Jesus died for humans, not angels.
How do we value something? It depends on who the Creator is.
Eph 2:10.
Workmanship. We are God’s masterpiece. 1 Pet. 1:18-19.
We are so valuable that Lord Jesus died for us. We then should treat others with care as they are valuable to God. We need to speak with tactfulness as we need to maintain relationship.
Col 4:6

3. Jesus believes in us
To Jesus, we are new creations, we are righteous, we are more than conquerors.
John 14:12
Jesus believes we can do greater works.
We should also believe in others because Jesus believes in us.
1 Cor13:7
We can believe in others by encouraging others. We should think the best of people.

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CHC Trial 27, January, 2015 (Day 87-Day 2 Tranche 6)

City News 27 Jan 2015 Morning 1 City News 27 Jan 2015 Morning 2


Well, personal stuffs may come in the court.
Whatever it is, it is definitely more important to address the charges.
Indeed, it does not seem there was any sham investment as Chew Eng Han had managed the bonds to the best of his ability.

CHC Trial 26, January, 2015 (Day 86-Day 1 Tranche 6)

City News 26 Jan 2015 Morning City News 26 Jan 2015 Afternoon 1 City News 26 Jan 2015 Afternoon 2


Indeed, I believe Chew Eng Han has done his best in ensuring there was no sham investment.
He himself has vast experience in handling fund and he did not gain anything from all the bonds, apart from perhaps a little management fee (
It is of no interest to see who gets blamed for what.
It is more important to see six of them vindicated.


Dim Sum Dollies (Connexion) 25, January, 2015

Had a wonderful dinner time with Connexion friends!
Dim Sum Dollies. It was the only outing event we had in the month of January.
Hadn’t met them for quite some time.
So, it was good to catch up with old friends.

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2501201510400 2501201510401 2501201510402


2501201510388 2501201510389 2501201510393

2501201510394 2501201510395 2501201510408

We all shared these fantastic foods! I was soooo full.
Plenty exchange of info too on credit cards. Yup, money is an important topic of conversation.
Last weekend Pastor Kong preached about love.
One of the five love languages, according to Gary Chapman, is quality time.
Hence, we show our love to each other by spending time with them over dinner.
We try our best to understand their what each other goes through and perhaps to offer some help too.

2501201510409 2501201510410

Celebrated their birthday! Happy birthday, Tun Chung and Winnie!
May God grant you your birthday wishes!

2501201510412 2501201510391 2501201510392

Our lovely people!
Do look forward to the news of our next outing event, yeah?

Cg sermon 22, January, 2015

Ps 65:9-11
God wants to bless our year. He delights in the prosperity of His servant.
3 John 2.
Our soul has to prosper. The moment we prosper inwardly, we will prosper outwardly too. If we decay inwardly, we will decay outwardly too.

Heb 4:1
Be resolute to hear God’s voice.
Let us fear. Let us be careful not to come short of the promise of God. In the book of Revelation, Lord Jesus said let those who have ears hear. We should hear God’s voice, not just hear what the media says.
One word from God can change our entire life.

2. Heb 4:11
Let us be diligent. Don’t be lazy when it comes to spiritual discipline: Reading the Bible, fast and prayer, coming to church. These are all the ‘boring’ parts of Christianity. Yet, they are important.
Just like natural success requires much diligence, our spiritual success requires spiritual diligence.

3. Heb 4:14
Be resolute in holding the confession. It means homologia. Same word with God’s word.
When we are,depressed, we should not say what the world says. We should say what God says.
When we are unsure, we can confess Psalm 37:23.
Make the words of our mouth agree with God’s word. It is not just chanting, it is said with full of boldness until it gets into us.
We should prophesy life even when the situation is tough

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Dr. Robi’s and Pastor Leo’s Sermon 18, January, 2015

Conquering the giant
1. Preparation
David was about to face Goliath. Goliath was blaspheming the name of God. David, however, was willing to take the challenge. Saul asked David, “who do you think you are? Goliath is a man of war.” when God created the heaven and the earth, He only said the word. When God created man and woman, He used His hands. God commisioned them to tend the garden. God created each of us then commisioned us to change the world.
1 Sam 17:34.
Preparation: positioning. God has been preparing us from birth. David has been learning to kill lions and bear from youth. We need to rely on God’s guidance.
When God called Moses, He asked what Moses had in hand. David had a sling. At the same time, David learnt to take off the armor.
James 1:2
2.) Perseverance
Doing something to achieve the goal.
David was the shepherd boy. It was a routine day of hearing: Baaaa! Not many new things. When lions and bears came, David gave his life to protect the sheep. No body saw David’s victory except God. Our character is formed by what we do and decide when no one is looking.
3.) Prevail
David came in the name of God but he had sling stones. David had to face Goliath and there were other giants.
It is always by God’s grace. There are always one giant after another.
4.) Perspective
We should not just say, “I won”. We should always say, “I am a winner.”
Very often, God doesn’t show us the whole perspective because God knows we will not dare to conquer the giant if we know the whole perspective.

Cg sermon 15, Jan, 2015

Ps 65:9-11
God’s desire is that we constantly experience His blessing and provision. Let every blessing of God be released this year.
3 John 2
The blessing of God is dependant on the prosperity of soul. If we prosper in the inside, we will prosper on the outside.
If we grow spiritually in the Lord, we will receive His blessing.

The book of Hebrews give 12 resolutions, each starting with “let us”. Make a strong resolution to do the following. The resolution is a group work, not just individual work.
Heb 3:7-15
God has a daily word for each of us. We should seek it daily. The Israelites rejected God’s word. God wants a personal relationship and wants to speak to us directly.
The Israelites treated God’s promise with utter disrespect.
Heb 4:1
Let us fear = let us be careful.
1.) be resolute to hear God’s voice.
We need to hear carefully. What is the mark of true Christian? John 10:27. To know His voice and obey it.
If we do not take time to hear, we will miss His voice. Mountain-moving faith comes from direct revelation.
In the book of Revelation, Lord Jesus says “He who has ear, let him hear what the Spirit says.

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Luncheon 18, January, 2015



Superb lunch last Sunday!
We celebrated post wedding of one of our Cg members at One Market by Chef Wan.
Various selection of food. My favorite was of course the sashimi section ~~
Too bad I could not spend much time with them as I had to rush to give tuition after that.
My tutees need me, that’s why.


Our beautiful people ~~

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