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Christ is Enough

A wonderful lyrics by Hillsong.

Christ is enough for me.
Christ is enough for me.
Everything I need is in You.

At first, I sang this lyrics mechanically.
That is, my mind didn’t fully agree that Christ is enough for me.

Been reading this particular book.
The author penned down her journey through disappointment.
Her desire didn’t come to pass.
As she prayed about it, she felt the Lord speaking to her, “Am I enough for you?”
After much struggle, she said, “Lord, You are more than enough.”

Learned a lot from this author.
Her hope, desire, prayer are similar to mine.
And so far, I have not received the answer to my prayer.
Is Christ more important than my desire?
If the answer is yes, then He is enough for me.

Not sure when the Lord will grant ne my desire.
Or, perhaps the Lord won’t grant me my desire at all.
In either case, my mind can now resonate with my mouth.
Truly, Christ is enough for me

Posted January 4, 2015 by Jefri Yue Fei 吴岳飞 in Thought