Pastor Tan’s Sermon 10, January, 2015 The Chief Cornerstone

Luke 20:17
Jesus went into the temple. He taught this parable in the temple.
Luke opened the gospel by introducing the temple in the life of Zaccharia and Elizabeth. Luke ended the gospel with the disciple praying in the temple.
Luke 20:9-16
Vineyard represents the temple. God uses temple where He meets His people. Vinedressers represent chief priests, scribes, elders. They are the custodians of the temple. Chief priests are the levites/priests by birth. Scribes helped interpret the Bible. Elders of the the tribes of Israel.
The builders
Has become
Chief cornerstone.
Builders are vinedressers and they are the scribes. They are the expert in interpreting the Scriptures. Yet, the most important stone, the key stone, was rejected by the scribes. They misinterpreted the scripture. We can become so professional and expert in many things that we even reject Jesus Christ. We should not be so technologically savvy or educated that we will throw Jesus away.
Luke 19:40
Even the stones know Jesus was the key stone. The priests rejected Jesus because He was not levites. The scribes rejected Jesus because He did not attend the school, elders rejected Him because He did not represent any tribe.
We should align ourselves and put Him as first. Hence, we can withstand life pressure.
Rejected… Has become.
God created new creation starting from the key stone. God used the reject of the society to make a new creation.
Chapter 20:1-8
Jesus’ baptism.
John the Baptist endorsed Jesus as the Messiah.
V. 9-19
Jesus the Son was rejected.
Jesus was rendered to God as an offering.
Jesus’ rejection.
Jesus’ ascension.
They were attentive to hear the Gospel.
Fruits during vintage time.
One possibility. They had fruits but they did not give to the owner. Another possibility. They had no fruits at all.
The fruit of the temple: Prayer and worship. However, they made it the place of transaction. Church is not a place of transactional prayer: God, if You do this, I’ll do that.
Luke 18:11-14
This is the wrong prayer: To obey all God’s requirement then use the obedience to force God to bless. This is the right prayer: Let’s be humble and take up the cross. God will exalt us in due time.
True fruits: Forgiveness. Loving one another. Not judgmental.
True fruit: Word of God is taught in the temple. To love God and others.
Eph 2:19-22
Chief cornerstone. God used it to build the church. We are the temple of God.
Eph 5:21, 25
Submission to one another.
Christ-defined role. It is in the Lord. Husband gives life to the wife as Christ loves the church. Wife submits to the husband as unto the Lord.
Children should obey parents in the Lord. Parents should bring the children up in the Lord.
Eph 6:5, 9
We obey boss like we obey God in sincerity. All bosses are bondservants of Christ.
Eph 4:13
God wants us to come to the full measure of Christ

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