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Cg sermon 15, Jan, 2015

Ps 65:9-11
God’s desire is that we constantly experience His blessing and provision. Let every blessing of God be released this year.
3 John 2
The blessing of God is dependant on the prosperity of soul. If we prosper in the inside, we will prosper on the outside.
If we grow spiritually in the Lord, we will receive His blessing.

The book of Hebrews give 12 resolutions, each starting with “let us”. Make a strong resolution to do the following. The resolution is a group work, not just individual work.
Heb 3:7-15
God has a daily word for each of us. We should seek it daily. The Israelites rejected God’s word. God wants a personal relationship and wants to speak to us directly.
The Israelites treated God’s promise with utter disrespect.
Heb 4:1
Let us fear = let us be careful.
1.) be resolute to hear God’s voice.
We need to hear carefully. What is the mark of true Christian? John 10:27. To know His voice and obey it.
If we do not take time to hear, we will miss His voice. Mountain-moving faith comes from direct revelation.
In the book of Revelation, Lord Jesus says “He who has ear, let him hear what the Spirit says.

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