Cg sermon 22, January, 2015

Ps 65:9-11
God wants to bless our year. He delights in the prosperity of His servant.
3 John 2.
Our soul has to prosper. The moment we prosper inwardly, we will prosper outwardly too. If we decay inwardly, we will decay outwardly too.

Heb 4:1
Be resolute to hear God’s voice.
Let us fear. Let us be careful not to come short of the promise of God. In the book of Revelation, Lord Jesus said let those who have ears hear. We should hear God’s voice, not just hear what the media says.
One word from God can change our entire life.

2. Heb 4:11
Let us be diligent. Don’t be lazy when it comes to spiritual discipline: Reading the Bible, fast and prayer, coming to church. These are all the ‘boring’ parts of Christianity. Yet, they are important.
Just like natural success requires much diligence, our spiritual success requires spiritual diligence.

3. Heb 4:14
Be resolute in holding the confession. It means homologia. Same word with God’s word.
When we are,depressed, we should not say what the world says. We should say what God says.
When we are unsure, we can confess Psalm 37:23.
Make the words of our mouth agree with God’s word. It is not just chanting, it is said with full of boldness until it gets into us.
We should prophesy life even when the situation is tough

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