Dim Sum Dollies (Connexion) 25, January, 2015

Had a wonderful dinner time with Connexion friends!
Dim Sum Dollies. It was the only outing event we had in the month of January.
Hadn’t met them for quite some time.
So, it was good to catch up with old friends.

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2501201510400 2501201510401 2501201510402


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2501201510394 2501201510395 2501201510408

We all shared these fantastic foods! I was soooo full.
Plenty exchange of info too on credit cards. Yup, money is an important topic of conversation.
Last weekend Pastor Kong preached about love.
One of the five love languages, according to Gary Chapman, is quality time.
Hence, we show our love to each other by spending time with them over dinner.
We try our best to understand their what each other goes through and perhaps to offer some help too.

2501201510409 2501201510410

Celebrated their birthday! Happy birthday, Tun Chung and Winnie!
May God grant you your birthday wishes!

2501201510412 2501201510391 2501201510392

Our lovely people!
Do look forward to the news of our next outing event, yeah?

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