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CHC Trial 3, February, 2015 (Day 92-Day 7 Tranche 6)

City News 3 Feb 2015 Morning City News 3 Feb 2015 Afternoon 1 City News 3 Feb 2015 Afternoon 2

An interesting line from the prosecution as stated in  City News: “The prosecution believes that the bond investments were not genuine investments; it also took issue with the fact that the church’s investment policy did not contain information about CHC’s investments being used for the Crossover Project—only that it was done for the purpose of maximizing returns.” Sometimes, return isn’t just about money. It is about the invisible return. The multitude of souls saved through the project should be taken into account too when one discusses about return on investment. This is in addition to money+interest which was returned to the church. Wish Eng Han all the best!