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CHC Trial 6, February, 2015 (Day 95–Day 10 Tranche 6)


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Hmm, DPP Christopher Ong did not elaborate more on the ‘unauthorized use’ even though it is the core of prosecution’s case.
Does it mean there is enough evidence for authorized use?
I would love to hear more about this authorization. After all, as the defense mentioned, the transaction was not unauthorized.

CHC Trial 5, February, 2015 (Day 94-Day 9 Tranche 6)

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Indeed, it is as Chew Eng Han mentioned, bonds will make things more transparent.
If indeed there had been conspiracy, the leaders would not have been so careless to come up with bonds.
They would have resorted to other methods to hide their conspiracy.
It is just a matter of time before they all get acquitted.