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Pastor A. R. Bernard’s Sermon 31, January, 2015

20th century is the rise of ideology.
There is a conflict of ideology. It is no longer war among nations.
Lord Jesus mentioned about the end of the age. He mentioned about the conflict of nations and kingdoms.
Nations: Ethnicity. Ethnic identity transcends even national identity.
The Bible starts with garden and ends with a city.
City is where culture meets culture. It has direct effect on the ministry of the church. Hence, a church needs certain lens through which a church sees life.

Luke 11: 33-36
Lord Jesus responded to Pharisee’s request to give signs.
He refused to do so because they had the wrong way of understanding Jesus.
They had the wrong lens of seeing Jesus. People make judgment through lens they have.

Luke 10:25
This lawyer flattered Jesus by calling Him teacher. Jesus asked him of his conclusion, the way he read the Law.
The lawyer summarized the Law very well. The lawyer then wanted to justify himself by asking who his neighbor was.
Loving God is difficult to quantify. Loving neighbor is is easier to demonstrate through good works.
Lord Jesus knew all along it was about the lens. Neighbor is whoever needs help and crosses our way regardless of the race.
The center piece of the parable is the wounded man. How do we see wounded man?
To the expert of the law, wounded man is a topic for discussion, not a man to help.
To the bandits, the wounded man is the object of exploitation. To the priest, the wounded man is a a trouble to be avoided.
To the Samaritan, the wounded man is social responsibility.
In life, we need to constantly adjust our lens. Otherwise, we will judge people wrongly.

Micha 6:6-7
Religious people base their relationship with God on ritual and practice. However, God wants more than that.
Worship elevates ourselves from humanity as we meet God. We can then face challenges from top perspective, not bottom perspective.

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