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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 14, February, 2015

Eph 5:25
The love Lord Jesus gives us is the model we love others.
We can see His love through His last 7 sentences on the Cross.

1.) Love forgives. Jesus forgives.
Judas Iscariot betrayed Him. Peter denied Him. The people chose a criminal rather than Him. (Luke 23:24)
For any relationship to work, we need to forgive. We should not store the offense into our memory.
So, we won’t retaliate. Every time we rehearse the offense, we commit emotional suicide.
Job 18:4, Mark 11:25
It is not that we act like nothing happened. We simply move on with life.

2.) Love assures. Jesus assures.
Luke 23:39-43
Lord Jesus assures the repentant criminal they would be in paradise.
1 Cor 13:7
Love is ready to make allowances
Bear all things: Cover with roof.
Love shelters. Loving people cover. Unloving people expose.
Rm 15:7
Love accepts but not approves.

3.) Love honors. Jesus honors.
4 people stood beneath the cross.
John 19:26
Lord Jesus entrusted His mother (Mary) to John.
Exodus 20:12
Two blessings: God gives us the land and long age to enjoy the land. To honor: To esteem others better than ourselves.
Proverb 20:20
We must never demean parents and spouse in public.

4.) Love perseveres. Jesus perseveres.
Matt 27:46
The pain of separation between the Father and the Son was so unbearable.
Perseverance can be passive or active.
While waiting for God’s intervention, we do our best to prosper where we are planted. Love never gives up.

5.) Love communicates. Jesus communicates.
John 19:28
Communication is the key to intimacy. We should be honest to others.

6.) Love believes.
John 19:30
He believed everything needed for salvation was done. He trusted the Father.
1 Cor 13:7
The more love we have, the more faith we have.

7.) Love commits. Jesus commits
Jesus committed even His final breath to the Father.

Marriage is built on 3 things:
– passion: Intense longing for union.
– intimacy: The desire to know and be known.
– commitment: The decision to remain steadfast.

Passion alone gives infatuation.
Intimacy alone gives friendship.
Commitment alone gives empty love.

Passion+intimacy= romance.
Passion+commitment= shallow love

We need the three of them.

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CG Sermon 12, February, 2015

Throughout our lives, we will see His goodness.
We need to be resolute:

Step 1: To hear God’s voice.
Step 2: In spiritual disciplines.
Step 3: To hold fast to our confession
Step 4: To draw near in boldness.
Step 5: To be spiritually mature.

Heb 10:19-22
Step 6: Be resolute to draw near to God Himself.
The presence of God is represented by the Holy of Hollies. We need to meet God there, to know the Blesser.
We need to commune with God with our heart, not just our head. We simply open our hearts to Him.
Full assurance of faith: We come with faith in God’s faithfulness. Even when we are faithless, He remains faithful.
God always accepts us every time we draw near to Him.
Having our hearts sprinkled from evil conscience: God can speak through our conscience.
Our bodies are washed with pure water. Pure water speaks of God’s word.

Heb 10:23
Step 7: Be resolute to keep confessing the promises.
We should not waver in confessing the word as the devil will come and attack us.

1 Tim 6:12
Fight the good faith. As we speak God’s word, we activate the sword of the Spirit. The word we say is important.

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Chinese New Year 19, February, 2015



A yearly tradition in Leow family.
On the first day of Chinese New Year, we gathered at my god-parents’ house to have a vegetarian meal.
My favorite dish will be that bell paper. A little bit sweet and healthy.


One more important tradition: to give hong bao and to have a relaxing chat in the living room.
Guess what will happen on the next day??

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