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Dinner after service 14, February, 2015

A Cg member somehow would like to dine at Astons.
So, last Saturday we went there. I volunteered as a tribute to queue on behalf of Cg.

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1402201510532 1402201510534

Friend: Jefri, your meal is so healthy.
Jefri: Yeah, yours is so sinful.

Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out


A Valentine chocolate from a cg member too ~~
Nice mint and chocolate as dessert.
Well, guess where we will go next time??

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Yooz! Plenty nice food in the family ~~

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Breakfast my god-brother made two Sundays ago.
Man! He cooks better than I do. I only know how to cook instant noodle!

1502201510537 1502201510538

Pineapple tart in the making.
My god-mommy bakes so well…. and I can only bake none!
Well, let’s see what culinary skill I can pick up.

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Cg Sermon 5, February, 2015

God is good. Hence, we will have a good year too.

Ps 65:9-11, 3 John 2
Inward man has to prosper. Then, the outward things will prosper too.

1. Be resolute to hear God’s voice.
We need to know what God wants us to do.

2. Be resolute in spiritual discipline.
Important to carry out the basic regularly.

3. Be resolute in holding fast in our confession.
Our word has to agree with God’s word.
Heb 3:1
He is the High Priest of our confession

4. Be resolute to draw near with confidence.
Heb 4:16
Boldly: Confidently.
Confidence comes by knowing who we are in God. We are the children of God.
We come to throne of God to obtain mercy and grace.
Mercy: Compassion because we are imperfect. Grace: Favor from God which we cannot earn.
We can come boldly and God will respond. We are not beggars.
God wants the best for us as well. Don’t limit what God can do for us.

5. Be resolute to become spiritually mature.
Heb 6:1
Perfection here isn’t sinless. It means maturity, fulfillment of calling in God, holiness. We should always be led by the Holy Spirit.

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Pastor A. R. Bernard’s Sermon 1, February, 2015

Gen 3:15
It was prophetic word of the conflict between Christ and the devil.
The announcement starts with preparation in OT and is manifested in the Gospel.
Lord Jesus rebuked the Pharisee for not knowing Him. The announcement continues with propagation and transition in Acts.
Even though we are Gentiles, we should understand the Gospel in the Jewish context.
The announcement continues with explanation in the Epistles to reconcile law and grace.
The announcement then ends in consummation in the Revelation.
Lord Jesus, after resurrection, opened the disciples’ understanding of OT as it speaks of Him.

Everything God does, He does it on a pattern and it is based on a principle.
Pattern: Model/blueprint/design for the way things happen or are done. Principles: Broad and basic truth.
Pattern: The way things happen. Principles: Why things happen

Exodus 25:2-3, 8-9
These items are for the building of the Tabernacle. This is a serious instruction as God wanted Moses to follow a pattern.
This pattern speaks of the way people approach God, about body-soul-spirit of humanity.

Mark 4:13
30, 60, 100 fold. This shows the level of commitment. We can move from 30% or 60% commitment to 100% commitment.
We need to understand the parable of the shower before understanding the rest of the parables.
With patterns and principles, we can unlock the mystery of the Bible.

Give and it shall be given to you. Life reciprocates. No one gets away with anything.
Principle in human relationship: We shorten distance by withholding affection. We create distance by giving affection.

Mark 4:26-28
Pattern: Everything begins in seed form and then grows into experience. Life is a process.
We should be committed to the process and not only the end result.
God’s pattern for progress is the pattern for promotion. When we do well in one pattern, God promotes us into the next level.
Promotion requires change. Change means we become different.
Don’t ask God to promote us if we aren’t willing to change.
Don’t pray for above-average pay if we are not willing to become above-average workers.

The Bible is filled with patterns on decision making and human relationship. We need to spend time understanding it.

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Pastor A. R. Bernard’s Sermon 31, January, 2015

20th century is the rise of ideology.
There is a conflict of ideology. It is no longer war among nations.
Lord Jesus mentioned about the end of the age. He mentioned about the conflict of nations and kingdoms.
Nations: Ethnicity. Ethnic identity transcends even national identity.
The Bible starts with garden and ends with a city.
City is where culture meets culture. It has direct effect on the ministry of the church. Hence, a church needs certain lens through which a church sees life.

Luke 11: 33-36
Lord Jesus responded to Pharisee’s request to give signs.
He refused to do so because they had the wrong way of understanding Jesus.
They had the wrong lens of seeing Jesus. People make judgment through lens they have.

Luke 10:25
This lawyer flattered Jesus by calling Him teacher. Jesus asked him of his conclusion, the way he read the Law.
The lawyer summarized the Law very well. The lawyer then wanted to justify himself by asking who his neighbor was.
Loving God is difficult to quantify. Loving neighbor is is easier to demonstrate through good works.
Lord Jesus knew all along it was about the lens. Neighbor is whoever needs help and crosses our way regardless of the race.
The center piece of the parable is the wounded man. How do we see wounded man?
To the expert of the law, wounded man is a topic for discussion, not a man to help.
To the bandits, the wounded man is the object of exploitation. To the priest, the wounded man is a a trouble to be avoided.
To the Samaritan, the wounded man is social responsibility.
In life, we need to constantly adjust our lens. Otherwise, we will judge people wrongly.

Micha 6:6-7
Religious people base their relationship with God on ritual and practice. However, God wants more than that.
Worship elevates ourselves from humanity as we meet God. We can then face challenges from top perspective, not bottom perspective.

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Dinner after service 7, February, 2015



This time round, it is not a late post  ~~~
Another dinner with cg after church service.
We had it at Olive Vine Marina Square.
After the dinner, they went to enjoy some ice cream whereas I went off to meet other friends.
Guess where our next dinner will take place??

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Dinner after service 31, January, 2015

3101201510440 3101201510434 3101201510435 3101201510439

3101201510436 3101201510437 3101201510438

Kinda late posts. Yet, it is better than no posts.
Had dinner with Cg after the service two weeks ago.
We went to Astons. Somehow they helped me hit my credit card quota.
I paid for them using Visa then they passed me cash. Yes! Wonderful people!

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CHC Trial 6, February, 2015 (Day 95–Day 10 Tranche 6)


City News 6 Feb 2015 1 City News 6 Feb 2015 2

Hmm, DPP Christopher Ong did not elaborate more on the ‘unauthorized use’ even though it is the core of prosecution’s case.
Does it mean there is enough evidence for authorized use?
I would love to hear more about this authorization. After all, as the defense mentioned, the transaction was not unauthorized.

CHC Trial 5, February, 2015 (Day 94-Day 9 Tranche 6)

City News 5 Feb 2015 Morning 1 City News 5 Feb 2015 Morning 2 City News 5 Feb 2015 Afternoon


Indeed, it is as Chew Eng Han mentioned, bonds will make things more transparent.
If indeed there had been conspiracy, the leaders would not have been so careless to come up with bonds.
They would have resorted to other methods to hide their conspiracy.
It is just a matter of time before they all get acquitted.


CHC Trial 4, February, 2015 (Day 93-Day 8 Tranche 6)

City News 4 Feb 2015 Morning City News 4 Feb 2015 Afternoon 1 City News 4 Feb 2015 Afternoon 2

An interesting line from City News: In the email, Chew had voiced his concerns for the transactions to “look real and legitimate and arm’s length.” Who would have thought that a line can be used back against the writer of this line? Perhaps, it is better if one uses a more accurate wording to avoid unclear meaning. A lesson for me too to be more careful in choosing my words~~