Book Review XXVI: Parable of the Dog


As Saviour, Jesus dies for us.
As Lord, we die for Him
-Pastor Phil Pringle-

Pastor Phil had a dog named Piper.
Initially, the dog had an attitude problem. It kept barking whenever he demanded food.
One day a dog trainer came and trained it. The trainer offered food to Piper but leashed the dog too.
Piper barked loudly until it became exhausted.
Finally, after it was exhausted and quiet, Piper was allowed to eat the food.
From this dog training, Pastor Phil observed the importance of obedience.

God is the heavenly Potter. We are His clay. He wants to shape us into a wonderful workmanship.
God has amazing plan for all of us. However, a few of us will live it out because it comes with a price tag: obedience.
When we come to God through Jesus, Jesus became our Savior.
However, obedience means Jesus now becomes our Lord, more than just a Savior.

Perhaps the best test of our submission to Jesus’ Lordship us when He does not answer our prayer when we experience difficulty.
There are examples of God’s heroes who experienced difficulty until the day they passed away.
Apostle Paul had a thorn in his flesh.
Many martyrs in the history of Christianity were killed for their faith.
Some of the heroes of faith in Hebrews 11 were stoned to death, killed by the sword and sawed in two.
It all boils down to the question: Do we seek God for who He is or what He can do for us?

Obedience covers multiple aspects.
What: We should obey God completely. Partial obedience isn’t real obedience.
How: Fulfilling a task from God requires His strategy, not human strategy.
Where: God may command us to go to a specific place to fulfill His calling.
When: God’s timing for a specific purpose may run out too. Hence, we should obey God when there is still time.

What are some practical steps to obey God?
1. We should ask God ‘Yes’ or ‘ No’ before carrying out a plan.
2. Say ‘Yes’ to God even when He changes our plan midway.
3. Obey the call, the gifts, the timing, the place.

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