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CHC Trial 16, March, 2015 (Day 99-Day 11 Tranche 6)

City News 16 Mar 2015 Morning 1City News 16 Mar 2015 Morning 2City News 16 Mar 2015 Afternoon 1

If I recall correctly, it was pretty happening when Foong Daw Ching took the stand.
First he mentioned “I don’t recall” numerous times.
Then, he requested to speak to the judge as per instruction from God.
Then, in the end of his stand, he hugged the leaders.
Now, Chew Eng Han considers him as untruthful.

Well, let’s see how all these unfold.

Cg sermon 12 March 2015

12 steps to a good year. Be resolute:

Step 1: To hear God’s voice.
Step 2: In spiritual discipline.
Step 3: In holding to our confession.
Step 4: To draw near with confidence.
Step 5: To become spiritually mature.
Step 6: To draw near to God Himself.
Step 7: To keep confessing the promises.
Step 8: To consider one another.
Step 9: To have grace.

Step 10: Be resolute to run with endurance.

Heb 12:1
Run with endurance: Don’t give up. Long distance. Endurance can be stretched.
Requirements of athlete:

1. The right mental attitude.
Athlete needs to focus on the right objective: The gold medal. Apostle Paul focused on Lord Jesus as his life purpose.
Phil 3:14
God has a plan and purpose for each of us. We will eventually discover it.

2. Self control.
1 Cor 9:24-25-27
We need to discipline our human flesh as we can easily succumb to temptation.

3. Endurance
It is not just how fast we start. It is about who finishes first.

4. Have your eyes fixed on Jesus.
Heb 12:2
We should make Jesus our example. He will carry us through to our victory.

Step 11: be resolute to offer sacrifice of praise.
Heb 13:15
Praise: Towdah. Praise is a sacrifice. We praise God even when it is difficult or painful.
Acts 16
Paul and Silas were in prison. Yet, they still praised God. When we are at lowest and still praise God, something powerful will happen.

Step 12: Be resolute to go forth to Him.
Heb 13:12-14
This world is not our permanent home. We need to be willing to be rejected, to bear shame and reproach like Lord Jesus.
The reproach of Christ is worth more than worldly riches.
Commitment to Christ: We will not live to please the sinful nature or the world.

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