CHC Trial 20, March, 2015 (Day 103-Day 15 Tranche 6)


City News 20 Mar 2015 Morning 1City News 20 Mar 2015 Morning 2

City News 20 Mar 2015 Afternoon 1City News 20 Mar 2015 Afternoon 2

Indeed, it is one of the main issues here: who authorized the financing?
From the leaders’ point of view, board approval was enough.
In addition, auditors and lawyers were aware of the transaction too.
It is not a good idea to get authorization from Executive Members and regular members/givers due to confidentiality.
Learning from the past, the public does not understand how Crossover works.

I could be wrong. But really, to the best of my knowledge, prosecution has not defined what authorization means.
In fact, they claimed board approval is irrelevant.
If that’s the case, shouldn’t they state who else should authorize the transactions?

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