Pastor Kong’s Sermon 14, March, 2015

Life: Love, Invest, Forgive, Enjoy.
When God saw human race spiritually bankrupt, He sent Lord Jesus for us.
What happened on the cross?
God the Father laid the sin of the whole world on Lord Jesus.
Mark 15:34
All the heaven became darkened as Lord Jesus was forsaken.

Psalm 22:1-6, 14
Lord Jesus suffered even in spiritual realm. When He died, Satan dragged His Spirit to Hades.

Isaiah 53:2, 5-6
What happened in Hades? Lord Jesus’ spirit was so twisted with sin and sickness. He was so deformed.
Lord Jesus first dealt with sickness before He dealt with sin. Hence, we should not tolerate sickness in our bodies too.

Isaiah 53:9
Death(s). Lord Jesus died many deaths.

Psalm 88
Wave upon wave of God’s judgment came upon Lord Jesus.

2 Cor 5:21
What is righteousness? To have the ability to stand in the presence of God without the sense of guilt, condemnation and inferiority.

John 19:30
It is finished. It has been finished and it will remain forever finished.

Lord Jesus died for us. It is the sign of God’s forgiveness. We should not let the devil deceive us by making us feel guilty.

Luke 23:24
Before we can forgive others, we should know how forgiven we are.

1. God forgives instantly.
Isa 55:7

2. God forgives completely.
Col 2:13-14
Jesus died for all our sins, every single one. There is no more evidence of sin.
When God forgives, He forgets.
Heb 8:12
God will never bring up our past.
With that, we have the confidence to worship God.

3. God forgives repeatedly.
Even if we ask forgiveness 1000 times a day, He will still forgive.

Col 2:15, Heb 2:14
All of sudden, the Holy Spirit came upon Him. Lord Jesus then disarmed the devil.

He didn’t disarm the devil for Himself. He did it for us so we can overcome the devil.

Rev 1:18
Lord Jesus has the key to death. He rules over everything.

When Mary came to the tomb,
John 20:15-17
She first couldn’t recognize Lord Jesus. However, she later recognized Him. Jesus told her to tell others that He is alive.

If God can raise Jesus from the dead, He can resurrect dead dreams, dead marriage, dead business.


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