Healing Testimony

Some time back, I posted regarding the determination to fight sickness.
Praise the LORD! I have recovered from that fever.
Perhaps it is clearer if I describe the timeline.

Wednesday 11-March
– The start of fever. I refused to take any medicine as I considered it normal fever.

Thursday 12-March
– Body temperature really went up. Felt so sleepy in office times and again. Didn’t dare to take leave as work piled up.
Took Panadol at night (which could be the wrong medicine). Prayed and confessed my healing.

Friday 13-March
– In the morning my body temperature was normal so I could work normally.
However, in the afternoon, my body temperature went up again.
Felt sleepy in the lab.
Then at night I did gua sha to myself. Still prayed and confessed my healing

Saturday 14-March
– Same cycle. Normal body temperature in the morning but high temperature in the afternoon.
Worse. I had red spots all over the body.
Attended church service in which Pastor Kong preached about the work of Christ on the cross.
He healed our sicknesses and cleansed us from sin.
Pastor Kong then prayed for healing for the members.
Still had fever on Saturday night.
However, I prayed and confessed my healing. In addition, I made the determination to recover (which is represented by that Naruto image)

Sunday 15-March
– Woke up with weak body. Yet, I was determined to recover.
Then gradually I regained my strength.
Then the LORD allowed something unique to happen: I thought I was late to give tuition. So, I ran from house to the bus stop.
Due to the running, I perspired a lot. All of sudden my body temperature returned to normal because of the perspiration.
It has stayed normal until now :)
I kept praying for my complete healing

Wednesday 18-March
– Red spots disappeared

I have written my testimony to church. Truly the LORD is our Healer! :D

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