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CHC Trial 28, April, 2015 (Day 123-Day 2 Tranche 7)

City News 28 Apr 2015 Morning 1

It is good to hear more and more clarification.
Sometimes, the detail is not always recorded in the email, most likely because it is communicated directly.
For examples, Serina mentioned “Nothing left for any bidding project” and “arbitrary figure”.
Anyone without the knowledge of the detail can easily misunderstand her for a wrongdoing.
After all this clarification, there seems to be nothing wrong at all.

A reminder: give people the benefit of doubt when things look unusual. Ask for clarification before concluding anything.

CHC Trial 27, April, 2015 (Day 122-Day 1 Tranche 7)

City News 27 Apr 2015 Morning 1City News 27 Apr 2015 Morning 2

City News 27 Apr 2015 Afternoon 1

The longer this trial gets, the clearer it is to me that prosecution’s case is getting weaker and weaker.
That Firna bond, for instance. Prosecution say it is sham.
However, Serina kept track of Wahju’s money whereas Firna kept track of CHC’s money.
How can it be sham then? If it is sham, the leaders would be shooting themselves as the auditors could see the flow of money too.

All the best, Serina!

Dinner After Service 18, April, 2015

A very late post.
Yet, it is still a good idea to celebrate moment by moment of togetherness with cg people.
And so, we had it at Astons (again).




Somehow, the group was split into two: my left and my right.
The people on my right talked about foods and selfie photos.
The people on my left, well, I can’t remember what we talked about.


We were united in talking about souvenirs from Taiwan and Japan.
Thanks, Conan and Jass!


Group photo we took.
A reminder to self: need to take photo with them as often as possible.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 18, April, 2015



Is it alright to pursue happiness? The pursuit is even enshrined in national pledge.
Money only affects so much in life.

Ecclesiastes 3:12-13
If we can, we should find enjoyment. In the state of pleasure and satisfaction. God doesn’t want Christians to be without satisfaction.
Matt 11:19
Lord Jesus enjoyed life.
John 2:10
Real wine. Strong drink. God isn’t against us drinking, He is against us getting drunk.
Lord Jesus wanted the wedding celebration to be fun.
Luke 5:29-30
Banquet: Social gathering with food, drink and entertainment.
Luke 14:13-14
He had no problem with party. Nevertheless, even in the midst party, He was spiritual. The happier we are, the easier for God to touch us.
Luke 15:22-23
Our Heavenly Father gave a great party.
While we obey God, we should enjoy it too. Lord Jesus was criticized as drunkard and glutton even though He was not one.
Even little children liked to draw near to Him as He was good with kids.

Proverbs 8:27, 30
Delight. Enjoyment. Pleasure. Rejoicing. Laughing. Playing. What is His delight? To share His joys with us all while we are alive.
Psalms 16:11
God invented pleasure, not Satan. God commanded us to celebrate.
Matt 25:21
Master Jesus wanted to celebrate even though the servant’s work load increased.
Lord Jesus knew His destination and was focused on His ministry.
Luke 13:33, Luke 19:28
It is not just destination. It is about the journey too. Lord Jesus still preached along the journey and enjoyed company of Mary, Martha, Lazarus and Zaccheus. Lord Jesus knew persecution was coming.
Gal 5:1
We stand firm in the freedom He has given.

How to enjoy?

1. Engage with positive people.
Spend time with people I like. More social support, the happier we are. The ability to love and to be loved is what makes us happy.

2. Nurture.
Happy people are busy but not feeling stressed. God wants us to be productive.
We should be nurturing our strength so our hardwork doesn’t become burden.

3. Jesus.
Jesus is the center of our joy. John 15:11, John 16:22
The joy of the Lord is our strength. The closer we are to Jesus, the happier we are.
We should be conscious of Him always, we should spend time talking to Jesus.

4. Others
When there is purpose, we become healthier. Happiness: Pleasure + significance.

5. Yourself.
We mustn’t feel guilty loving ourselves. We should forgive ourselves.
Our physical well being is important. Soul: Perhaps we should listen to music.

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Receiving and Letting Go

Job had great wealth and wonderful family.
Yet, in one day, his wealth and family was forcefully taken away from him.
Such a great loss.
In the midst of grief, he uttered one powerful statement.

The LORD gave.
The LORD hath taken away.
Blessed be the name of the LORD

As Christians, there are times when God seemingly blesses us something… Only for it to leave us a few moments later.
For whatever reason, it leaves us.
When it happens, can we still say the same thing as Job?

Job’s wealth and family were indeed restored to him in the end.
However, he didn’t know all this restoration in the beginning.
Similarly, even when we feel much loss and grief without being able to see any restoration, can we still declare the same statement as Job?

The LORD gives and takes away.
Blessed be His name.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 11, April, 2015

Matt 18:21-35
Seventy times seven. Unlimited number of forgiveness. There is no need to keep score.
The first servant squandered 250 million dollars. This man can never pay off his debt.

Why do we forgive?

1. Because we have been forgiven
Once we realize how much we are forgiven, we will be more gracious toward others.
Jesus has forgiven us of all our sins. We always forgive then. Col 3:13
2 Sam 16:5-13
King David surrendered his situation to God. He let Shimei alone.
It is hard to forgive when we demand justice. However, we must never avenge as God will ensure justice prevails.
2 Sam 19:23
David still forgave him.
King Solomon put Shimei in the city of refuge, a city of grace and forgiveness.
Shimei, however, went out of the city. The king then executed him.

2. Unforgiveness brings torment.
Matt 18:34
Tormentor. When we do not forgive, we will enter into invisible chamber of torture. Emotional and physiological prison.
Job 21:23, 25
We should let it go. The moment we forgive, we walk out of that chamber.

3. Because we will need forgiveness in future.
We must forgive from our heart. It is not just lip service.
Even if the person is unrepentant, we still forgive.
We may not trust the person again. We may need to keep distance from that person. Yet, we let it go.

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Cg sermon 16, April, 2015

Be poor in the Spirit: Always feel the lack of the things of God. We need to always ask for more revelation.
Mourn: Christian tears. Godly sorrow. We should never take God’s grace for granted.
Blessed are the meek: Meekness is the ability to control temper and mood.
Hunger and thirst for righteousness: To do the right things are never easy.

Matt 5:7
Blessed are the merciful. God is the Father of mercy. We need to show mercy.
The final piece of the furniture of the Tabernacles is the Mercy Seat.
Exo 34:5-7
To be merciful: Gracious (take it easy, cut some slack), to be longsuffering/patient (give people,time), to be kind
(to do good to people), forgiving. We need to be merciful toward others as well.
Matt 9:13, Heb 5:1-2
For us to learn mercy, we are subject to temptation and weakness. We can then sympathize with them.

Blessed are the pure in heart: The responsibility to be pure lies within us believers.
Pure heart: A heart of singleness. A heart with undivided loyalty.
Ps 86:11
Saul’s heart was divided. His obedience was halfhearted. David, on the other hand, had a heart for God.
God is looking for complete obedience. They shall see God: Experience God in remarkably clear way.
2 Chr 16:9
God definitely notices us if our heart is loyal to Him.

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