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Cg sermon 16, April, 2015

Be poor in the Spirit: Always feel the lack of the things of God. We need to always ask for more revelation.
Mourn: Christian tears. Godly sorrow. We should never take God’s grace for granted.
Blessed are the meek: Meekness is the ability to control temper and mood.
Hunger and thirst for righteousness: To do the right things are never easy.

Matt 5:7
Blessed are the merciful. God is the Father of mercy. We need to show mercy.
The final piece of the furniture of the Tabernacles is the Mercy Seat.
Exo 34:5-7
To be merciful: Gracious (take it easy, cut some slack), to be longsuffering/patient (give people,time), to be kind
(to do good to people), forgiving. We need to be merciful toward others as well.
Matt 9:13, Heb 5:1-2
For us to learn mercy, we are subject to temptation and weakness. We can then sympathize with them.

Blessed are the pure in heart: The responsibility to be pure lies within us believers.
Pure heart: A heart of singleness. A heart with undivided loyalty.
Ps 86:11
Saul’s heart was divided. His obedience was halfhearted. David, on the other hand, had a heart for God.
God is looking for complete obedience. They shall see God: Experience God in remarkably clear way.
2 Chr 16:9
God definitely notices us if our heart is loyal to Him.

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