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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 11, April, 2015

Matt 18:21-35
Seventy times seven. Unlimited number of forgiveness. There is no need to keep score.
The first servant squandered 250 million dollars. This man can never pay off his debt.

Why do we forgive?

1. Because we have been forgiven
Once we realize how much we are forgiven, we will be more gracious toward others.
Jesus has forgiven us of all our sins. We always forgive then. Col 3:13
2 Sam 16:5-13
King David surrendered his situation to God. He let Shimei alone.
It is hard to forgive when we demand justice. However, we must never avenge as God will ensure justice prevails.
2 Sam 19:23
David still forgave him.
King Solomon put Shimei in the city of refuge, a city of grace and forgiveness.
Shimei, however, went out of the city. The king then executed him.

2. Unforgiveness brings torment.
Matt 18:34
Tormentor. When we do not forgive, we will enter into invisible chamber of torture. Emotional and physiological prison.
Job 21:23, 25
We should let it go. The moment we forgive, we walk out of that chamber.

3. Because we will need forgiveness in future.
We must forgive from our heart. It is not just lip service.
Even if the person is unrepentant, we still forgive.
We may not trust the person again. We may need to keep distance from that person. Yet, we let it go.

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