Pastor Kong’s Sermon 18, April, 2015



Is it alright to pursue happiness? The pursuit is even enshrined in national pledge.
Money only affects so much in life.

Ecclesiastes 3:12-13
If we can, we should find enjoyment. In the state of pleasure and satisfaction. God doesn’t want Christians to be without satisfaction.
Matt 11:19
Lord Jesus enjoyed life.
John 2:10
Real wine. Strong drink. God isn’t against us drinking, He is against us getting drunk.
Lord Jesus wanted the wedding celebration to be fun.
Luke 5:29-30
Banquet: Social gathering with food, drink and entertainment.
Luke 14:13-14
He had no problem with party. Nevertheless, even in the midst party, He was spiritual. The happier we are, the easier for God to touch us.
Luke 15:22-23
Our Heavenly Father gave a great party.
While we obey God, we should enjoy it too. Lord Jesus was criticized as drunkard and glutton even though He was not one.
Even little children liked to draw near to Him as He was good with kids.

Proverbs 8:27, 30
Delight. Enjoyment. Pleasure. Rejoicing. Laughing. Playing. What is His delight? To share His joys with us all while we are alive.
Psalms 16:11
God invented pleasure, not Satan. God commanded us to celebrate.
Matt 25:21
Master Jesus wanted to celebrate even though the servant’s work load increased.
Lord Jesus knew His destination and was focused on His ministry.
Luke 13:33, Luke 19:28
It is not just destination. It is about the journey too. Lord Jesus still preached along the journey and enjoyed company of Mary, Martha, Lazarus and Zaccheus. Lord Jesus knew persecution was coming.
Gal 5:1
We stand firm in the freedom He has given.

How to enjoy?

1. Engage with positive people.
Spend time with people I like. More social support, the happier we are. The ability to love and to be loved is what makes us happy.

2. Nurture.
Happy people are busy but not feeling stressed. God wants us to be productive.
We should be nurturing our strength so our hardwork doesn’t become burden.

3. Jesus.
Jesus is the center of our joy. John 15:11, John 16:22
The joy of the Lord is our strength. The closer we are to Jesus, the happier we are.
We should be conscious of Him always, we should spend time talking to Jesus.

4. Others
When there is purpose, we become healthier. Happiness: Pleasure + significance.

5. Yourself.
We mustn’t feel guilty loving ourselves. We should forgive ourselves.
Our physical well being is important. Soul: Perhaps we should listen to music.

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