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Pastor Bernard’s Sermon 23, May, 2015

Matt 13 and mark 4.
Mark represents the growth of the Gospel. 30,60, 100. It will keep growing until the day He comes.
In Matt, it is 100, then, 60 then 30: The acceptance of the word keeps decreasing until the day He comes.

3 obstacles for people to receive the word of God: Satan, flesh and the world.
The world hinders the word the most.
Daniel 4.
Daniel foresaw the rise and the fall of kingdoms. Daniel was used by God to interpret dreams.
God created a need only Daniel could meet.
Dan 4:23
Although the empire would be cut down, the influence is still on the earth. The tree isn’t just about Nebuchadnezzar.
In fact, the influence of Babylon is still felt in the book of Revelation.

The earliest culture of Summerian was established: Counting based on 10 and 6.
We should not underestimate the power of culture as it can affect us after many years.
CHC is the pioneer of a new culture.

Those who control language control the conversation.
There are those who claim they are not religious, they are spiritual. However, spirituality has to be authenticated.
Human capacity is dynamic. We have the potential to grow. We need to increase spiritual capacity.

Spirituality: Capacity to know and experience God.
Every human being has that capacity. That is why we have many religions in the world.
Without revelation, we will make our own gods. When they see the sun or storm or wind, they make them their gods.
Toronto blessing: Example of experiencing God without knowing.

We can experience God in prayer, worship, meditation, fasting, in spiritual community, faith-based movie and literature and in everyday life.
How to know God? The Scripture.
We could not have had the information unless God revealed it.
Deficiency of knowledge makes us not knowing God’s power.
The Scripture: Patterns and principles to teach us how the universe works, plans and purposes God has for humanity.

Relevance isn’t fashion or tattoo. It means
1. Practical. It must be reasonable to do and to experience.
2. Socially applicable. We live in community. It relates to everyday life
It doesn’t matter which industry we are in. Our faith is relevant.

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Dinner After Service 23, May, 2015


Another fantastic fellowship over dinner last Saturday!
We talked about fashion, quite an interesting topic. Apparently, one of us is an excellent image consultant.
She told me to build my shoulder so I would look better.
Will carry out her advice for sure.


Stay tuned for more awesome news on our fellowship~~

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Cg sermon 7, May, 2015

Proverbs is the book of wisdom which helps us to apply God’s wisdom in daily life.
While we live by faith, we still have to apply our mind.
Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge; doing the right way in the right time.
Wisdom: Chakam: A person who is skillful with hands.
Wisdom helps us to make a life and make a living.

Pro 1:1
While there are many wise sayings, Proverbs is inspired by God Himself.

2 Tim 3:16-17
Wisdom is written in feminine gender and is personified as a woman.

Proverb 1:7
Fear of the Lord: Revering God and pleasing God at all cost.

Pro 1:2-6
Wisdom, instruction, understanding, prudence, knowledge, discretion, counsel.

Pro 1:7-33
– Voice of instruction. We should listen to God’s instruction. God’s truth is like ornament.
– Voice of temptation. Satan throws temptation to derail.
How to avoid temptation? Don’t walk with the wrong crowd. It doesn’t mean we completely shut ourselves from the sinners. Rather, we should have spiritual friends too.
We should avoid temptation as we may not be strong enough against it,
– Voice of salvation. Wisdom can be found in almost everywhere. Wisdom is addressed to the naive, scorners and fools.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 16, May, 2015 Capacity–Mental Strength

Matt 7:25
Storms of life come at every direction. We will stay strong in the midst of storm as we are grounded in Jesus Christ.

2 Cor 4:8-9
Pressure is nature of life: It is an external force or demand continually pushing, challenging and pressing us.
Pressure challenges us to improve and grow.
Stress: Negative internal reaction in us when the pressure or demand is too excessive for us to handle.
Stress makes us feel burnt out. Stress results in worry (specific reason) and anxiety (general reason).
Anxiety results in depression (chronic sadness).
God wants us to overcome all these things. Hence, we must not worry.

Proverb 12:25
There is a way out from depression.
Can we handle pressure?
Pressure is force over area. We need to be bigger men to handle much pressure.
Capacity: Maximum ability to receive, contain, withstand and produce.

Eph 3:16
Strengthened: Grow and increase. Might: Power/capacity.
Through the power of the Spirit we grow. We need to be determined to grow and stretch.
God makes us a success over process. To grow, we need holy discipline.

How to grow in capacity? We need to develop mental,strength.
Luke 10:27
Joshua 1:9
Be strong and of,good,courage: Mental strength. Be strong in our mind. Fear grips the mind.
Our mental capacity can either enlarge or decrease what we can do in life.
How to grow mental,capacity? To have the right thought.
Eph 3:20
We can pray by saying or by thinking.

1. Think positive thought.
Majority of thought is negative. We have to consciously train our mind and force it to think positively.
We should cast Jesus and His cross into our mind to purify it
Phil 4:8
Think of positive things. Stop Fearful thought as it will come to pass.
Prayer is like dialysis to the mind.

2. Renew the mind.
Knowledge to the mind is like food to the body.
We need to read the Bible to strengthen mental. They that know their God shall be strong.
Worship strengthens our emotion, Bible reading strengthens our mind.
Psalm 119:169-170
All the heroes of faith withstand persecution because of God’s word.
Rm 12:2
Transformed: Metamorphoo: Totally changed. Prove: Demonstrate by evidence.

3. Daily self affirmation
Joshua 1:8
Meditate on the word of God daily. Speak to yourself what the word of God says.
1 Sam 30:6
David took,some time to be alone. He meditated on God’s word even as his soldiers thought of killing him.

You can purchase the sermon here:

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Cg sermon 21, May, 2015

The path of wisdom
Proverbs 2:8
Life can be dangerous and unpredictable.
We need to walk with God
God preserves the way of His saints.

3 different kinds of walk:

1. Walking with God
To walk with God means to take God’s word to heart.
We need to diligently listen to God’s wisdom.
It requires lifetime discipline.
How to understand the word of God? To listen, to read, to meditate, to study, to memorize, and to apply.

2. Walking with the wicked.
Ver 10-19
Without wisdom, we keep meeting evil people; we will be easily misled by the words of people.

3. Walking with the righteous.
When we listen to God, God will send godly friends to help us.

Proverbs 3:5-6
Wisdom directs our path.
Three conditions:

1. We surrender to God’s leading
Trust: Lie helpless and face down.
We must not lean on our own understanding.
When we become wise in our own eyes, we are heading for trouble

2. We share the blessing of God
The path of wisdom leads us to blessing.
God uses giving to strengthen our faith.
Our tithe and offering is evidence of obedience.

3. We submit to God’s chastening.
Chastening is necessary for growth so we become partakers of God’s holiness. God chastens us so we won’t sin.

Wisdom perfects our path.
Proverb 4:18
Our path gets ever brighter.
Wisdom is the revelation for life. We need to pay the price if we want to get wisdom. Wisdom then becomes our life and health.

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CHC Trial 20, May 2015 (Day 137-Day16 Tranche 7)


City News 20, May, 2015 Morning

The end of all the tranches.
It is just a matter of submission then verdict.
Final battle of submission. I really think CHC leaders will win the case~~~

CHC Trial 19, May, 2015 (Day 136-Day 15 Tranche 7)

City News 19, May, 2015 Morning 1City News 19, May, 2015 Morning 2

City News 19, May, 2015 Morning 3City News 19, May, 2015 Morning 4

City News 19, May, 2015 Morning 5City News 19, May, 2015 Morning 6

City News 19, May, 2015 Morning 7City News 19, May, 2015 Afternoon 1

City News 19, May, 2015 Afternoon 2

Sun took the stand and mentioned that Crossover was never a closed deal for her.
Indeed, it will be wonderful if such thing can happen.
Financial profit aside, it will be one big global mission.

Perhaps after this whole trial is over, we should that US album can somehow be launched?

CHC Trial 18, May, 2015 (Day 135-Day 14 Tranche 7)

City News 18 May 2015 Morning 1City News 18 May 2015 Morning 2

City News 18 May 2015 Afternoon

According to prosecution, Wahju was just a conduit, dutifully following instruction from Serina.
Previously, Wahju himself refuted this.
In addition, SC Maniam showed another evidence that Wahju had control of the usage of the bonds which Serina did not know about.

And so, even until the last day of Serina’s stand, prosecution’s argument was still unconvincing.
Dear Judge, please acquit them, ok?~~~

Dinner After Service 16, May, 2015



Tried Manhattan Fish Market for the first time last Saturday with cg.
We had been going to Astons too often, hence, we would like to try different outlet.
While eating, we talked about ….. BGR!!!
One of us mentioned some guys do not make eye contact when they talk to ladies.
Or even, some guys wouldn’t even talk to new ladies, for whatever reason (shy, etc).
Hmm, perhaps for them, they should try to do sales job which will force them to talk to new people all the time.

Stay tuned!~~~

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CG Birthday celebration 14, May, 2015


Celebrated the birthday of a cg member last Thursday.
The candle used was pretty unique.
Somehow, it just would not get extinguished no matter how many times she blew the candle off.
Perhaps the cg should use the same for the next birthday cake?

Happy birthday, Elsa!
God will surely give you your birthday wishes!

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