SeanAud Wedding 2, May, 2015

Celebrated the wedding of the lovely couple: Sean and Audrey.
It was held at Orchid Country Club.
First, we had… the matrimony!


Pastor Kenneth led the matrimony.
Can you see Audrey’s expression beaming with joy there?


Exchange of wedding vow.
They both were pretty nervous that they forgot their lines~~~


The kissing part definitely deserves more attention.

WP_20150502_029 WP_20150502_026

Having their first Holy Communion as husband and wife.
Lighting up union candle. They are one, no longer two individuals.

After matrimony, we had a nice wedding lunch ~~




Super big ballroom. Nice decoration too.
Yummy food. Wonderful chat with other guests too.
I felt guilty eating shark fin soup. However, if I had not eaten it, the sacrifice of the shark would have been in vain, agree?

WP_20150502_003 WP_20150502_001


Took individual and group photos with the couple.
Hmm, gained some inspiration for my future wedding! I want to make it full of laughter and heart warming talk.

Congratulations, Sean and Audrey! Stay in love always!~

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