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Pastor Kong’s sermon 2, May, 2015

Ecc 5:18-19
Bounty: Reward. It’s important to enjoy the blessing.
Capacity: Maximum ability to receive, contain, withstand and produce.
What is the maximum pain we can take? How far can we go before we give up?
2 Kings 4:6
The oil stopped multiplying once the maximum capacity of jar was reached.
Lack of jars limited her capacity to receive more oil, more blessing.
Matt 25:25
The servant with one talent couldn’t handle pressure and responsibility.
Can we handle the call of God in our lives? The call of God comes with much stress.
Dan 7:25
Satan planned to wear the saints out. We need greater inner capacity to cope.
John 16:12
If we do not have capacity, we do not receive revelation.
Inner capacity can grow if we develop it intentionally and it requires much discipline.
5 keys to increase inner capacity.
Isaiah 54:2
Enlarge, stretch out, do not spare, lengthen, strengthen.
1.Enlarge the desire.
It is command from God to enlarge.
1 Chr 4:10
Jabez. Pain. Hurt causes inner man to shrink. Jabez prayed that he would become big. God listens to fervent prayer.
Don’t complain about the need to pray and study the word of God.
2. Stretch out
Get out of comfort zone.
God often makes us do something we previously think is impossible.
Gen 12:1-3
God’s promise of blessing comes after the command to get out,. We need to handle something unfamiliar and unpredictable.
2 Cor 9:6-8
Our giving to God makes us lean on God more. We learn to trust God for the impossible.
3. Do not spare. Think big
God works according our thinking. We need to first visualize it.
Matt 13:12
Whoever has spiritual knowledge. The Bible helps us to think the way God thinks.
Luke 5:1-3, 4-6
Lord Jesus preached first before creating a miracle for Peter. He wanted Peter to enlarge his faith through His sermon. Peter said “at Your word”. Peter had to change his perception before letting down the net.
4. Lengthen your cords. Build positive connections.
Pro 15:22
Luke 6:38
As our capacity to give increases, our capacity to receive increases too.
Mentors must be someone who has better capacity than us.
5. Strengthen your stakes: Dig deep into the foundation
Luke 6:47-48
The bigger we want to grow, the deeper our foundation must be.
Strengthening stakes includes clearing rubbish. We need to clear rubbish between us and Jesus.

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